If there’s one thing that makes the perfect gift for a gin lover it’s gin.

But you’ve already bought them enough bottles of artisan flavoured gin, gin tasting tours, and gin-based cocktail recipe books, so what’s left to buy them?

Lot’s of things, as it happens. Here’s five alternative gifts for gin lovers that they can’t get tipsy from but they will nonetheless whole-heartedly enjoy.

1. Gin is A Wonderful Tonic Plaque

Anything from East of India is going to go down well as a gift. Based in Folkestone in the UK, East of India work with a team of artisans around the world to make unique products with a personal and handcrafted touch.

This wooden plaque is a stylish addition to any home, but as it features the words “Gin is a wonderful tonic”, it is one of the best gifts for gin lovers. They can hang it using the attached twine in the kitchen or anywhere that will best show off their affliction and remind them to keep the gin bar stocked up — for the good of their health, of course.

2. You Are The Gin to My Tonic Plaque

Every gin lover knows that you can’t have a gin without tonic; they were made for each other and are nowhere near as good apart as they are together.

That’s why when you give a gin lover a plaque that says, “You are the gin to my tonic”, it is one of the greatest compliments and declarations of faith you could give to them. Gin is, of course, the real gem in the relationship, and you, as the tonic, are the one who simply helps make them shine.

3. Gin and Tonic Bath Bombs

The marketing and fragrances of bath bombs are typically aimed at women and are thus neglectful of the mountain of men who love a good steamy soak.

But these gin and tonic bath bombs are made for men — gentlemen, in fact. And so your hubby, dad, brother, or son can enjoy their bath time and feel super manly about it. What’s best is that they’ll come out smelling like their — and hopefully yours — favourite tipple.

4. Gin-scented Candles

There’s something about the smell of a gin and tonic on a Friday evening that instantly calms the mind and puts all your troubles to rest.

If they could, gin lovers would pursue the same feeling every night. But that means becoming an alcoholic — at least that’s what they think.

With a gin-scented candle, they get all the benefits of the fruity and spiced aromas without any of the headaches or name calling. Lighting one for your partner or a family member after a hard day’s work can be like nothing less than throwing catnip to your puss.

5. You Are The Gin to My Tonic Mug

Mugs are the containers of choice to hold what is the typical person’s favourite beverage: tea or coffee. But a gin lover is no typical person.

So whether they use it for drinking tea, coffee, or to hide their third Monday evening gin and tonic, this “You are the gin to my tonic” mug is a must-have on the list of gifts for gin lovers.