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5 Signs Your Dog or Cat may be Suffering from Arthritis

Many pet owners aren’t aware that cats and dogs can develop joint problems including arthritis. It is important to your pet’s health that you watch for the warning signs that they may be suffering from joint pain. No one knows your pet better than you, which means any changes in your pet’s behaviour should be monitored by you. Here are 5 signs your dog or cat may be suffering from arthritis.

If you’re unsure take your pet to your local veterinarian, after all, your pet can’t tell you how they are feeling.

1. Limping

Obvious I know! Persistent limping or intermittent limping can all be signs of joint pain and need further investigation.

2. Behaviour Changes

Changes in behaviour are often the first clue that something is wrong with your cat or dog. These can include irritability, loss of appetite, reluctance to do things they would normally do.

3. Tiredness

Your pet may spend more time sleeping and/or resting this could be due to pain and not just the case of slowing down due to old age.

4. Snapping or Biting

Can be a reaction to pain, most pets will never snap or bite their pet parent, they might if they are in pain it’s their way of saying don’t touch me I hurt!

5. Licking and Chewing

Pets suffering with arthritis may also begin to lick or chew body areas that are painful, especially around the joint areas. Excessive licking can cause hair loss and inflamed skin.

Like humans arthritis can’t be cured in pets, you can, however, add supplements to your pet’s diet to help them lead a happier more active life. Always speak to your veterinary to make sure your pet is getting the right treatment.

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