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5 Steps to Keeping Horses Naturally and Save Money!

Meet Aztec Gacela our Snooty Catz equine buddy, she lives as natural a life as possible with her sidekick Dante the emotional Thoroughbred and Cora ‘big mama of the herd’ a totally laid back Arab. So, yes we have all three of the hot blood breeds, a strange combination I know but we love them all and sometimes I believe they love us 🙂

Aztec Gacela is a magnificent Andalusian bred by Aztec Andalusian Stud in Leicester. They own a small (ish) herd of Andalusian, Appaloosas, and Aztecas who are all bred and live in a natural herd environment. What a truly wonderful start in life for all these horsey babies.

Natural Habitat

I’m passionate about all things natural which reflect on the Snooty Catz website, many of our products are natural we even have natural products for humans too! Gacela has lived all her life rug free, barefoot and bitless, a massive undertaking when peer pressure dictates that you should rug your horses and push metal on their feet and in their mouths. She seems remarkably healthy and happy despite her lack of rugs and metal and lives 24/7 outside come rain, shine or snow.

It’s amazing to see the changes in her coat relating to the changes in the weather, even in snow and driving rain she has never once stood shivering. Unlike her rugged field buddies who due to peer pressure (yes I succumbed to this years ago) shake and look dejectedly at the skies praying for the rain to stop.

She’s fed a natural forage low starch diet with added linseed and seaweed for optimum vitamins and minerals

Natural Training

To keep within the natural theme I’ve also made the decision to train Gacela in a natural way and as I’m no expert I have weekly lessons with Sarah Ellis who owns In Touch with your Horse. What a journey we’ve both been on, it’s the most amazing feeling to learn to listen to what your horse is trying to tell you and not what you think your horse should be doing.

Without Sarah’s passion and expertise, I’m sure I’d still be lost in a void and I’m sure Gacela is saying thank goodness you found someone that can read horse!

So here are the 5 Steps to Keeping Horses Naturally and Save Money!

  1.        Let your horse live out all year round and save money on bedding and boredom busting toys.
  2.        Go barefoot, better for your horse and cheaper than paying for metal shoes.
  3.        Be naked, ditch the rug and allow nature to work as intended
  4.        Poo pick and reduce the risk of worm burden, you wouldn’t eat off a dirty plate why should your horse?
  5.        Feed a natural forage diet, more natural and cheaper than expensive mixes.

This is how our horses live, make sure you research what will be best for your horse and remember they are all different and we should always listen to them and do what works best.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Gacela and our natural journey, it’s not perfect but hey what is perfect?

Feel free to drop by and tell us your natural journey whether it be horses, cats, dogs or humans we’d love to hear from you.

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