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Are Bamboo products Eco-friendly

Bamboo products are often recommended as an eco-friendly alternative to wood, plastic, and other materials that aren’t so sustainable. But how eco-friendly are products made from bamboo?

If you want to cut down on using products made from materials that aren’t good for the environment, such as plastic, you need other materials to replace them. Bamboo makes a great candidate due to several properties that make it eco-friendly. It grows quickly and also absorbs more CO2 than other plants while releasing a lot of oxygen. In just 3 to 5 years, a bamboo forest can rejuvenate. Many bamboo products can also be composted and will degrade within a couple of years.

Is Bamboo a Tree?

While it might look like a tree, bamboo is actually a grass. It’s a common food source in many places, but can also be used for homewares, clothing, and more. However, there is one reason to be cautious about bamboo. Despite all of its environmental benefits, it’s important to make sure that bamboo comes from a sustainable source. Due to the rise in popularity of bamboo, it is being farmed in some less responsible ways. Large areas of land are being cleared to farm bamboo. Another issue is that bamboo tends to come from China, meaning that it has often travelled a long way.

Does buying bamboo affect Pandas habitats?

As you are aware bamboo is a staple food for pandas, however, the type pandas eat is different to the hardier types grown for making bamboo products. Which makes it important to know the source of where and how bamboo is grown and harvested. Moso bamboo is a good choice for making eco-friendly bamboo products.

Pandas don’t eat Moso bamboo, so the production of certified Moso bamboo products offers no danger to pandas.

Moso Bamboo

The giant bamboo species Moso belongs to the fastest-growing plants in the world. It reaches its final length of up to 20 meters within a couple of months (with a speed of up to 1 meter a day during the growing season!). It takes the stem around 4-5 years to mature and acquire its excellent hardwood like characteristics.

One bamboo plant consists of several poles and new shoots will grow from the mother plant every year. Generally, 20-25% of the poles in a sustainable bamboo forest or plantation can be harvested each year. This happens without decreasing the number of poles per hectare! The plant does not die after harvesting (as with trees), so no deforestation.

Bamboo Weaning Set

What makes Bamboo products Eco-friendly?

Bamboo is the fast-growing plant on earth with high yields. It grows quickly and produces shoots that can reach heights of up to 100 feet for timber bamboo species. The bamboo’s roots system makes it easy to grow and it can happily thrive without the need for chemicals and pesticides.

Bamboo has several excellent eco-friendly qualities, but it’s important to source it from the right places. Finding materials that only have positives for the environment and don’t impact it in any way is difficult, if not impossible, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. All in all, bamboo is a pretty sustainable alternative to many other materials.


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