The simple act of owning a cat has been shown to offer many health benefits to humans.

Less stress, lower risk of heart disease, better sleep, stronger bones, tendons, and muscles…

The list goes on.

It seems that our cats, then, as well as offering unconditional love and being our little furry four-legged friends, are also one of the best health supplements for us around.

With that in mind, it’s only seems fair that we should pay back the favour and help look after their health and wellbeing, too.

And if you’re here, it’s likely that’s exactly what you do. You’ve got them all the great food, toys, vitamins, pet shampoo, and even kitty wine they could wish for. What more could you possibly do?

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s now take a look at three cat health products you probably didn’t know they even needed, but they nevertheless need to live a happy and healthy life.

A Home of Their Own

Even the most domesticated cat was once a wild creature. And so, it’c common for cats to often still exhibit certain behaviours like scratch marking and attacking prey that harks back to their roots.

It’s for this reason we gift them scratch posts and cuddly mice foes to go to war with and keep them fit. But one other wild behaviour that is all too often overlooked is the need to make a den.

Thinking about a den in the category of cat health products not only has to do with them claiming their territory and having a safe place to watch guard, it’s about ensuring they get good quality sleep and rest. Cat pebble beds are great for this as they allow cats to crawl inside and take respite from the predator-filled and noisy world around them.

An Energy Outlet

The impression we may get from our cats is that they love more than anything to lay around, sleep, and eat. But they actually much prefer to be active, and in their wakeful hours are constantly on the move.

This is why play is such a crucial part of a cat’s life. And it’s also why catnip — a plant of the mint family that contains nepetalactone, a nonaddictive and completely harmless substance that is attractive to cats — should not be disregarded as a cat health product and a key part of their lives.

One sniff of catnip and your puss may start rolling, jumping, purring, head rubbing, playing, and meowing like the true wild feline they are. What’s best about it is that cats tend to know when enough is enough, and so a few minutes playing with a catnip infused mice toy every so often is all they need.

A Digestive Aid

Just because cats can’t complain like us humans, doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from a barrage of digestive complaints. And, unfortunately for us, typically the only way they can notify us of a stomach upset or digestive problem is through vomiting and flatulence.

To save them the embarrassment and us the unpleasantries, we need to recognise that the diet of cats today — like many of us humans — is vastly different from what they used to eat. And so, they can do with all the help they can get in the form of calming herbs for digestion like ginger and peppermint.

This digestive aid from Dorwest is one of the most popular cat health products as it includes a mixture of tummy taming herbs chosen for their ability to soothe and settle an unhappy kitty. Use it for short term bouts of diarrhoea to longer term gurgling tums, simply pop one in their mouths or crush into their food once a day.