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Eco Friendly Ways to Clean your Home

Whether you have adopted a vegan lifestyle or just want to be more mindful about your impact on the environment, finding eco-friendly ways to clean your home will have a hugely positive impact. In short, there are two key components to consider – the cleaning agents and the cleaning tools. Here at Snooty Catz, we have a range of natural cleaning alternatives to help you improve both elements.

Switch to chemical-free cleaners

Standard chemical-based cleaners will increase the carbon footprint while breathing in the chemicals isn’t ideal for your family’s health either. Switching to chemical-free solutions that use entirely natural ingredients will make a significant improvement.

Another option is to create a homemade product using natural ingredients at home. For an added scent, you can turn to items like lemon juice or white wine vinegar.

Once you have found the right chemical-free home cleaners, you can look to add bathroom soaps and eco-friendly shampoos. This way, personal hygiene and home cleaning will both be under control.

Use plastic-free applicators and containers

In addition to the cleaning materials themselves, you should consider the impact of your applicator choices. Where possible, switching to containers like amber glass will be very useful. It means avoiding plastics that can take centuries to decompose. You can also keep reusing these bottles which is a win for you and the planet.

You can also look to use wooden brush handles that use bamboo bristles. Similarly, coconut scouring pads and other products made from natural ingredients should be selected.

When choosing high-quality products, like our selection here at Snooty Catz, the added longevity will add to your eco-friendly practices too. Keeping the home clean and green never looked easier.

Cleaning Products for a Greener Home

Spring is around the corner and many of us have to embark on a spring cleaning routine. When in truth it’s easier to adopt a cleaning routine that keeps your home healthy and clean all year round. Many household cleaners contain chemicals and arrive in plastic spray bottles. Which is not good for you, your home, or the planet.

This is why we love these plastic-free cleaning sachets made from natural ingredients and essential oils for the additional cleaning abilities. They are a fabulous eco-friendly way to clean your home and they smell amazing! Team them up with a bamboo dishcloth to keep your home spick and span!

Green Clean your Toilet

Herbal Homes toilet bombs are handmade in the UK from natural non-toxic ingredients. These toilet bombs are amazing simply drop one in the loo and let them fizz away to naturally clean below the waterline. Made from natural minerals and essential oils that are safe for aquatic life should they end up in our waterways or seas.

Eco Features

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Plastic-free
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Smells amazing!
  • Safe for aquatic life

How to Use – Simply drop it into your toilet and let it fizz in the water to help clean your toilet under the waterline. A toilet brush can be used to scrub around the toilet bowl if required.

If you’re looking to spruce up your drains we highly recommend Herbal Homes lemongrass drain freshener to make your drains smell fab not bad!

Herbal Homes Toilet Bombs x 10

Having a clean home just got easier with our fabulous range of eco-friendly products. You can of course always opt to make your own cleaning products with a few simple home ingredients and a few essential oils to take the stress out of cleaning. White wine vinegar and baking soda are the staple ingredient for most homemade cleaning products. Give it a go you might be surprised!

Happy eco cleaning!

Eco Home Cleaning

Discover more eco-friendly ways to clean your home with Snooty Catz selection of eco cleaning products to make your home sparkly clean including reusable sponges, herbal toilet bombs and so much more!

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