Do you struggle to get to sleep at night, or stay asleep for long enough to feel refreshed in the morning? This is a common problem that affects one in three UK residents. It can be caused by stress or anxiety, a poor sleeping environment, mental health conditions, or lifestyle factors. If you’re struggling with this, here are some natural remedies for sleep that you can try.

Valerian Root

Valerian is a tall flowering grassland plant native to Europe and Asia. Medicine can be made from the root to help with many things, but most commonly it is used to treat sleep disorders, such as insomnia. It can be bought in the form of capsules or tea.


CBD Oil is an extract from the hemp plant that does not contain THC, the hallucinogenic component. Research is ongoing into its effectiveness but many people report benefits such as improved sleep. It is probably most effective when taken in combination with valerian root or melatonin.


Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and is used to moderate sleep patterns. If your having trouble sleeping and have tried non-medicinal solutions you might have an imbalance of melatonin. Supplements can be taken but they are only available on prescription.


One of the best natural remedies for sleep pattern issues and insomnia is proven to be lavender. The flowering plants common to North Africa has an instantly calming aroma due to its anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) properties. Studies have shown that it can improve sleep quality and lower anxiety.

  • This essential oil, like most others, is usually used mixed with a base or a carrier oil like sweet almond, grapeseed, jojoba, avocado and others. Unless it is for your bath when you can simply add a few drops in your bathwater.
  • Use this oil for a pleasant fragrance with an oil burner or vaporiser.
  • In aromatherapy, it is often used to combat depression, stress, and sleep issues.


Magnesium oil goodnight spray used as part of your nighttime routine replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, helping you to achieve deep, restful sleep. Combines magnesium chloride with essential oils chamomile, clary sage and bergamot. Simply apply 5-10 sprays and gently massage into skin half an hour before going to bed.

Sleepy Lavender Oil

Calm and relax your senses with this amazingly fragrant, moisturising Sleepy Lavender Oil, leaves the skin nourished, silky and perfectly soft. Our Sleepy Lavender Oil is made with quality Lavender & Marjoram Essential Oils in Grapeseed Oil. Can be massaged into the skin or a few drops added to bathwater.