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Gift Ideas for Men that want Nothing

Men can be extremely hard to buy for especially when you ask them what they would like and their reply is nothing!!! If you’re struggling for gift ideas for men that want nothing then read on we might just be able to help.

The easiest solution could be to wrap an empty box to fulfil their desire to have nothing; unfortunately, you can’t do this every year! (Believe me, I’ve tried!) Chocolates, biscuits and booze are always a safe option, perhaps a little boring but still an option. After all most men like to eat drink and be merry!

Finding the perfect gift can always be difficult but choosing the right gift for the man who wants nothing can be a special kind of difficult. With that in mind let’s have a look at our top picks for gifts designed for men.

Bottle Farm Grow Your Own Kit

You don’t need to have green fingers to grow your own food from home with Bottle Farm. Turn any used plastic bottle into your own mini indoor farm with this amazing eco gardening kit. Made from 95% recycled plastics this easy-to-use gardening kit will produce fabulous herbs and vegetables from the comfort of your window. No need to worry about over or under watering Bottle Farm takes care of this for you.

Each Bottle Farm kit contains everything you need to grow herbs and veg at home and includes basil seeds to get you started. The kits are designed to stick to a window or you can place them on a shelf at home. all you need is a plastic bottle, sorry we don’t supply these. If like us you are struggling to find a plastic bottle you might need to ask your neighbours if they have one!

Bottle Farm Grow Your Own Kit, Eco Gardening

Zero Waste Gift Set for Men

This eco-friendly gift set for men is a wonderful sustainable gift for anyone looking to reduce single-use plastic. We’ve designed this so it’s suitable for all eco-conscious men. Supplied in a fabulous natural jute bag and includes essentials for teeth & body. There is room inside to add a few extra bits & bobs for when they are travelling.

Zero Waste Gift Set for Men Eco Features

  • Jute bag
  • Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride pack of 30
  • Bamboo Comb
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Medium to Firm
  • Himalayan Salt Natural Deodorant Stone – Bar
  • Greenman Soap Manly Man
  • Sisal soap bag

Zero Waste Shower Gift Set For Men

Eco-friendly, zero waste shower gift set for men designed especially for the eco-conscious man. This thoughtful earth-friendly gift set contains 4 shower steamers and a charcoal soap on a rope; that can be hung in the shower for easy use. Supplied in a brown cardboard box for easy wrapping!

Zero Waste Shower Gift Set For Men natural

Need more ideas discover our range of hand selected gift for men, send love to someone special with our ranges including, natural self care products, car accessories and so much more.

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