Humans are born for movement. We are the owners of potentially strong bone, sinew, muscle and mindset, and all of this will be used during the course of our lifetimes. Of course, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to embark on your exercising journey, nor do you even have to be completely physically able.

Even those who may suffer from disabilities find joy from exercising in a limited manner they can. Trust us when we say that limitation is often a boundary many people overcome. That said, no matter if you find yourself to be lethargic, tired, overweight, unhappy, worried, or unfortunate, exercise can provide something special to you, as well.

Exercising helps us not only get out to shake off our physical cobwebs, but it can help us feel more comfortable in our bodies, and it will help our health tremendously. When we think of exercise, it’s easy to conjure up images of a man bench-pressing, a beautiful diver creating amazing shapes before gracefully entering the water, or an amazing athlete crossing the 200m line.

But simply going for a walk with your dog is exercise, too. Stretching can be exercise. So, odds are you can perform exercise to some degree. But what can you get out of it? Let’s consider below:

Exercise Releases Feel-Good Chemicals

When we exercise, we put ourselves under stress. Our bodies are naturally responsive to this. When running for instance, the natural ‘runners high’ will often help runners move through tough sessions to feel incredibly active and healthy, and will come home feeling much better than they may have. Exercise helps you deal with your stress, and it also helps your body feel much better after a cold shower. A morning set of exercise can help anyone feel more ‘themselves’ – so don’t take this for granted.

Exercise Helps You Overcome Challenge

Exercise also helps you overcome challenges. It might be that you feel tired in the morning, and as if you could sleep in all day. But getting up, going out, and spending some time outside helps you awaken, and it helps you feel more optimistic. Coming back, having overcome your personal roadblock can help you feel on top of the world. And guess what? It’s a real achievement you have the right to celebrate. This is why many people often begin exercise only to make it a real-life habit when they see just how enjoyable it can be – despite the difficulty.

Exercise Helps You Look & Feel Good

There’s nothing you can do to lose weight more quickly and feel better in your body than to exercise. It helps you lose weight, it helps your body feel more able, and it can stretch your muscles to the point where old aches and pains are less of a presence in your life. Exercise also helps you look good, with a trim waistline or, more importantly, a beaming smile on your face. For that reason alone it’s worth your time.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand why, how and what exercise does to make you feel so happy.