Living ethically is becoming more important to us as we are more aware of the destruction we are causing to our planet. With the rise of the conscious consumer, it’s now easier to find more earth-conscious products for people. Finding everyday swaps so our pets can be eco-warriors is also gaining traction.

Most pet products come supplied in plastic and the ingredients can also leave a lot to be desired. This is why many small independent manufactures are starting to turn the tide on what’s classed as ‘normal’ for our pets. Our UK pet manufacturers are now making ethical pet products that are good for our pets as well as the environment.

With that said let’s have a look at products so our pets can be eco-warriors too!

Ethical Cat & Dog Toys

All of our pet toys are designed to be either natural or made from recycled plastic!



Eco-friendly Pet Bowls

Looking for a plastic-free alternative for your dog or cats bowl? Check out these fabulous pet bowls that are made from stainless steel or made from biodegradable bamboo and rice husks!


Healthy Pet Treats

Most pet treats are full of ingredients that are not great for our pets. Our UK made pet treats are made from all-natural ingredients designed with specific health properties that your pets will love.

We have many more ethical pet products on our website, you can see the full range here.