Ear and eye care for dogs and cats, that suffer from itchy and tear strained eyes, or ears that have become blocked by bacteria or debris <^..^>

  • Made in UK Optimised Energetics Colloidal Silver Pets Ear Drops 30ml
    Natures greatest secret colloidal silver ear drops for pets is a natural solution useful in maintaining ear health. Ear infections in dogs are common and most dogs suffer from this condition at some stage. Rubbing and scratching at the ears and shaking the head are common signs of this. There may also be swelling, redness or an odour or discharge from the ear.
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    Eco-friendly and Natural Sweet Potato Dog Treats 100g
    Green and Wild sweet potato dog treats are made in the UK from 100% sweet potato simply cooked, sliced and air-dried, nothing added or taken away. The texture of these treats acts as a natural toothbrush helps keep teeth healthy and promotes fresh breath. It is 100% natural, containing no animal by-products or preservatives.
  • Made in UK Luvies Cat Health Treats 75g
    Green & Wild Luvies are tasty tuna treats for cats. Rich in Omega 3 & 6 to help maintain a healthy skin and coat, and Taurine for healthy heart and eyes.
  • Made in UK Euphrasia 15c Homoepathic Remedy for Eyes
    Administration: Give one every hour for up to 6 hours, then reduce to one 4 times daily for as long as required.
  • Eco-friendly and Natural Maythen Ear Drops 50ml 
    Maythen Ear drops are handmade in the UK using natural ingredients suitable for lower ear problems and excessive or hardened wax. A universal product that is suitable for pets and humans.
  • Eco-friendly and Natural Epipthorea Eye Cream 50ml 
    Epipthorea eye cream is handmade in the UK using natural ingredients. May help with symptoms of blocked tear ducts, by supporting tear ducts to unblock, which can cause tear staining, dry eye by supporting the upper eyelids to produce tears, and many other eye problems.
  • Made in UK Nature Tear Stain and Facial Cleanser for Dogs and Cats
    Broadreach Nature tear stain and facial cleanser are suitable for both dogs and cats. Use as a topical, gentle, water-based wiping solution for removing tear and saliva stains from pet’s fur. Made with natural ingredients; helps to remove tear and saliva stains on your pet's fur.
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