In terms of level of difficulty, getting your kids to take their vitamins must be up there with gaining a PHD and scaling Mount Everest.

If you haven’t yet resorted to sheer force and “because I say so”, then you’re probably still trying new and ever more ingenious ways to make sure they reach their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

But a few crushed tablets in their breakfast and sneaky greens in their smoothies can only do so much. Luckily for us parents, there is another way to make sure our kids get all the body and brain boosting vitamins they need.

Two words: vitamin sprays.

Although little known, sprays make some of the best vitamin supplements for kids. This is for several reasons: they’re easy and fun to administer, contain tonnes of beneficial ingredients, are fast acting, and are available in a wide variety of tastebud-tingling flavours.

Let’s now take a look at three of the most popular vitamin sprays out there and discover more about why they make the best vitamin supplements for kids.


From boosting their immune system and preventing injuries to improving brain development and regulating behaviour, there is no end to the benefits of taking multivitamin supplements for kids.

Getting them to take them, though, is another matter. This multivitamin oral spray that contains fourteen essential nutrients not only means no spat out tablets or choking hazards, but as it enters the blood stream via the palette and is micro-emulsified, it ensures fast and effective absorption, too.

For particularly fussy kids or simply a great-tasting way to start the day, these multivitamin shots for kids from Higher Nature are the perfect prescription. They contain nineteen vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and iron that help to combat fatigue and tiredness, and come in a mouth-watering natural cheery cola flavour.

Vitamin D

We know the importance of calcium in building strong bones and healthy kids. But too often we neglect the role of vitamin D, which, as well as helping the intestines absorb calcium by as much as two to four times, is itself a crucial and deficient vitamin in kids’ diets.

Vitamin D plays a role in many bodily functions and as such has been shown to decrease the risk of everything from heart disease and depression to the flu and common cold. Experts today are suggesting children need more Vitamin D than previously thought — infants under twelve months require 400 IU per day and older children and adolescents 600.

This daily vitamin D oral spray provides 400 IU and comes in a natural peppermint flavour. It’s a tasty and hassle-free alternative to vitamin supplements for kids that ensures infants and children always get their RDA of vitamin D.

Magnesium Oil

We think we are busy, but kids are always on the move and barely ever stop other than to eat and sleep. All this activity and stress can deplete their bodies of magnesium, something that can be noticed from particular behaviour patterns.

These behaviours include being generally grumpy and irritable, cramping during the night, higher than normal anxiety about school and friends, teeth grinding, and sensitivity to noise. Trying to give magnesium tablets to a child that demonstrates these behaviours can, of course, be a little difficult. But with a magnesium oral spray for the skin, supplementation can be quick, easy, and, most importantly, fast-acting.