There’s nothing better than seeing your feline proudly reclining and purring away on his/her throne (normally your lap), like some spoilt and eternally adorned emperor. Being a witness to the same behavior in humans would simply be unpleasant and downright ugly. But we give our little furry friends a pass, not just because they own their proudness so well, but because they offer so much love and delight to us in return.

To show our appreciation to our cool kitties, we want to treat them like the goddesses of ancient Egypt that they are. Offering them everything we can to support their elegance, boost their egos (not that they need it), and enhance their magnificently snooty auras.

Follow our guide to pampering fabulous felines and watch as your cat’s presence is highest to the
ranks of kitty stardom.

The Royal Treatment

Becoming as beautiful and regal as you can sometimes require a little pain and hardship. For cats, that means nothing other than a romantic date with the tub. You may already be thinking this one’s a big no-no for your fluff ball. But with the right tools, bath time can become their new favourite time. Purrfect Cat Shampoo from WildWash is not only gentle and scentless, it also contains a catnip infusion to make it a much more pleasurable experience for your puss.

Catnip is, of course, the key ingredient, but it’s also hugely important that the rest are natural as cats groom themselves with their own antibacterial salvia. For best results, follow up a gentle shampooing with the Smooth and Detangle Conditioner also from WildWash. It contains both organic shea butter and virgin coconut oil — perfect for long and tangled hair and creating a wonderful shine that any snooty cat would be proud of.

Bling Bling

As well as being the cleanest and best smelling cat on the block, you also want your little mate to
be the coolest, too.

As dressing them up in a Gucci suit or stilettos isn’t really an option (admit it, you’ve tried), it’s best
to add a touch of bling to their outfit by jazzing up their collar. These leather diamante collars for cats won’t fail to make them the envy of all their neighboring feline friends and foes. They’re comfortable, durable, and fabulous thanks to their diamante encrusted buckles with diamante studding around the collar.

They’re also available in pink, blue, and silver, so you can also switch things up depending on the day of the week or the occasion. We recommend accompanying one with a Swarovski Heart ID tag which can even be engraved for that extra touch of class.

Splashing out

With bathing and bling covered, now it’s time to focus on the really important stuff: celebrating your
puss by splashing out on the extravagant and stupendous.

How many times have you sat down for a tipple with your cat and wished they could really join you? Well, they not only can but at the same time, they can get a healthy and revitalising dose of herbs like elderflower, nettle, ginseng, and lime flower.

With the advice of veterinary experts, Pawsecco has created a faux rose and white wine for both cats and dogs. It’s non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, grape-free, and as mentioned, contains a tonne of herbs that are beneficial to your cat’s health. Most important of all, however, it tastes great, and so now your pets can truly join you with your nightcap.

As well as the tipple, while you tuck into some fine cheese or chocolates, your cat can also be enjoying a little treat of their own. Cat Hairball treats from Beaphar will help the Pawsecco go down smoothly and at the same time help clear their digestive tracts of any lingering hairs.

The special filling made from oil-rich malt paste is tasty, lubricating for stomach, and supportive of
the natural passing of hairballs. Resulting in a happy and healthy cat that can continue keeping
their coat in tip-top condition.