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Things People Do That Cats Hate

You love your cats and want what’s best for them. Therefore, consider what pet peeves your cats have and things you’re doing that cats hate and can’t stand. So you can try to avoid these actions in the future. You may find your relationship with your pet or pets will drastically improve when you stop doing some of the items on this list.
It’s wise to educate yourself on the feline pet peeves so that you can alter your daily habits and create a better living environment for you and your cats. Get to know them on a deeper level to become an even more responsible pet owner and make your cat’s life more comfortable and pleasant.

Aggressive Petting

You may want to show your cats a lot of love, but remember to be gentle with them. People may aggressively pet cats, which they hate, and it can send them over the edge. Therefore, when it comes to petting cats, be sure to take it slow and moderate. Cats may bite or scratch to protect themselves when you overly and aggressively pet them. It’s your cue to knock it off and take a step back. A few signs of displeasure to be on the lookout for are a tail flicking and ears curled back.

Loud Noises

Cats hate hearing and being exposed to loud noises. Some loud noises such as fireworks, car horns, parties, and arguing will negatively impact cats. You may even want to go into the other room and cover your mouth when you feel a loud sneeze coming on to avoid disrupting them. Their ears are sensitive, and these sudden sounds may make them feel unsafe and uneasy. You’ll know when noise is too loud for them because they’ll quickly bolt into another room of the home to hide.

Go for Car Rides

While you may think your cats want to get out of the house, the truth is that they don’t. Cats hate when people take them for car rides, so try to avoid this trip unless it’s necessary. It may now be more apparent why your cats dislike going to the vet. It’s not only about the vet visit they dislike but also the car ride that gets them there. You’ll quickly find out for yourself how annoyed they are as soon as you try to put them in the car and take off. There’s not much you can do if you must travel with them except try to bear it until you make it to your destination.

Dress Them up

While it may be a cute photo opportunity, cats hate when people dress them up. These garments are often restricting and uncomfortable. Therefore, think twice before you go putting a dress or outfit on your cat. They may look cute in the attire, but they’ll likely put up a fight and won’t last long in the outfit. They’d rather take a nap instead of being made into a costume spectacle, so remember this the next time you have the urge to dress them up.

Giving Them a Bath

Most cats will seriously object to being bathed…. As tempting as it might be if your cats a bit whiffy try not to put them in the bath. Dogs seem to tolerate being bathed more than cats, whereas cats are more adept at keeping themselves clean. So unless you want a catfight we serious suggest not bathing your cat!!!

What You Need to Know About Bathing Your Cat

If you want to make your cat happy, lots of love and attention is the magic formula! You might also want to indulge them in some health treats 🙂

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