If you are embracing the vegan lifestyle, it’s important to provide your body with everything that it needs. Many people believe that plant-based diets provide all the nutrients you need. However, experts agree that supplementation may still be necessary to ensure that the body functions correctly. Here are some vegan supplements you should consider.

Vitamin B12

This is difficult to obtain from a vegan diet as it is found mainly in animal products. It does play an essential role in the body including in the formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. If you lack this vitamin then you may experience issues with anemia.

Vitamin D

Your body requires vitamin D to absorb micronutrients such as calcium, phosphate, and magnesium. While the body does make this vitamin through exposure to sunlight wearing sunscreen reduces it significantly. Most foods also do not contain enough to meet the requirements of the body.

Vegan Omega 3

This provides a range of benefits including maintaining typical blood cholesterol levels and brain development as well as eye function. There are three different types of omega 3 fatty acids. Two, DHA and EPA are difficult to obtain in a vegan diet because they are mainly found in fish and fish oils.


Finally, calcium levels can be lower in vegans compared to omnivores. This is necessary for solid bone structure and to keep teeth healthy. It also contributes to nerve signalling as well as muscle function. While vegans can get calcium from leafy greens, they can benefit from additional levels through supplements.