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Top Tips for Caring for a New Kitten

A beautiful new kitten is sure to bring love; life and laughter to any home kittens are so much fun and just downright adorable! Unlike human babies, kittens are a lot more independent from an early age; however, they still require lots of love, care, and attention.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know about caring for a new kitten in your home.

First Things First

Kittens have an amazing sense of smell which is fully developed by about four weeks of age. Knowing this means you can use this to your advantage. A few days before you plan on bringing your kitten home, leave an item of clothing or blanket/towel where they currently reside.

Our top tip for this is to sleep with your kittens blanket under your pillow to add your scent. If you have a few family members take it, in turn, to leave this under everyone’s pillow. Once you’ve imprinted your family’s scent; leave this with your kitten for a few days before bringing them home. Upon bringing your kitten home place the blanket in their bed which will help make them feel secure.

As tempting as it is to cuddle, play, and fuss your little ball of fluff you really need to refrain from doing so. They need time to adjust and feel safe make sure you place them in a room where no harm can come to them. Check electrical appliances are safe and out of harm’s way and all windows are closed.

Make sure they have somewhere to hide, water, food, and a litter tray. Quietly sit in the room with them to observe how they are feeling. All kittens are different some will hide and not come out; others will bound around the room investigating everything! Some kittens will even climb your curtains (yes they are great mountaineers!)

Kitten Food

It’s always best to keep your kitten on the food they have currently been eating to avoid digestive upsets. Wet food is definitely better than dry food and obviously, kitten food is a requirement. If you wish to change the brand or type of food your kitten is currently on we suggest gradually changing this over.

Sudden changes in type or brand can cause your kitten to have diarrhoea so make the changes over a few days/ week. Clean fresh water should always be made available.

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Kitten Health

Once your new fluff ball has settled in it is wise to arrange for a visit to your local veterinary practice.

Here they will check the health of your kitten and offer advice on:

  • Vaccinations
  • Worms
  • Fleas
  • Microchip

It’s important to consider all of above; this is especially true as most kittens are infected with parasites which can impact on their health. Keeping your kitten worm and flea free is imperative for your kitten’s health. Always make sure worm and flea products are suitable for kittens. Never use dog flea products as they can be extremely toxic for cats and kittens.

Collars and Microchip

Most flea and reflective cat collars can be worn from around 12 weeks of age. Having your kitten microchipped will ensure that should they lose their collar they can still be traced back to you if the need arises. Just remember to update your information should you move house.

On a final note, you really should know, that cats don’t have owners they have servants!!!

This will now make you fully prepared to adore, serve and worship your gorgeous kitten!!!

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