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Why Pets are Good for Your Health

Have you ever considered why pets are good for your health? Perhaps the oldest and most heart warming adage is to refer to dogs as ‘man’s best friend.’ It shows that a certain bond can be had between man and animal and that despite our difference, sometimes worlds apart, we can still come together in love and union.

But of course, it’s not just dogs we can refer to as our best friend. Having a little animal companion in your life can be a wonderful thing, and it can even help extend your lifespan. The best thing about a pet is that they know you as you, your most authentic self. They don’t care about your social standing, or your character faults, or what you look like. They just care about being treated well, and often, they will treat you well in return.

To put it simply – pets are good for your health.

But why is this? Let’s consider:

A Friendly Companion

It’s nice to have a friendly companion with you. And that’s exactly what they are, a companion. A friendly face, one you can turn to and love in times of strife, or one you can celebrate with in times of happiness. Celebrating your dog or cat’s birthday, for instance, or crafting your lizard a lovely biome to live in, or providing your Koi fish with a beautiful cold water environment for them to explore and thrive in, these efforts help us exercise our nurturing side. Our relationships with our friends can also develop over time, such as enjoying lap cuddles with your cat in front of the television on a cool winter’s evening. We all deserve a companion in life – and so do our pets.

Pets Keep You Disciplined

Pets actually help you stay disciplined in your own routine. Caring for them is important. They also care for you, in their own way. For instance, walking your dog each morning can help you get into nature and enjoy more exercise. Pets will ask for your assistance if they need it. If you have a small creature in a cage, they will rely on you to keep them clean, you will have to stay disciplined with that, too. This is why small pets can be so important for the development of young children. Funnily enough, when you have something to care for – you often care more for yourself.

Pets Help With Emotional Care

It’s good to have a pet around to share an unconditional and authentic relationship with. Your cat or dog doesn’t mind if you’ve had a good or bad day, they just want to snuggle on your lap or on your bed. Humans, it turns out, are really rather complex, and can often be quite hard to understand. Pets aren’t. They rely on you, and often, you’ll emotionally rely on them. That’s not a bad crutch, it’s a healthy outlet. So, if you need some love in your life, a loving pet you care for can be a great place to start.

With this insight, we hope you can come to your next pet with a sense of love and nurturing care. After all, we now know pets are good for your health!

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