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5 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Living Room

If you walk into your living room and sigh it’s probably because it’s looking a little tired or dated. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to breathe new life into your living room. A few subtle changes and a little elbow grease could be all it takes to transform your room; let’s have a look at how you can achieve this.


If you’ve ever watched a TV show where they show a before and after photo of a room, one of the biggest changes you will see is that the room has been decluttered. Sometimes you have to be ruthless, if you’ve not used something for months…remove it!
Recycle or donate to charity items you know you no longer need. Invest in some tasteful boxes to store items you can’t bear to part with but still want to keep hold off. The less clutter there is in a room, the more pleasing and calming to the eye it will look.

Clean and Refresh

Once you’ve decluttered give your room a deep cleanse to refresh and revitalise your living room. We especially love making our own cleaning spray with water and lemon essential oils, it’s truly invigorating and helps lift the senses.

Lighten up

Have a look at your room and consider swapping some of your darker accessories for lighter ones. A new sofa can be expensive instead try changing cushions or add a throw to spruce things up. You could also change your lamp shades to inject a new colour and it’s cheaper than buying a whole new lamp.
Consider adding mirrors or cut glass to help reflect the light in your room. Add tea light holders or candles to light up dark areas and make your room smell wonderful.

Tealight Holders

Plant Power

A wonderful way to breathe new life into your living room is to add plants and flowers. Not only will they look gorgeous they are a very affordable way of changing the look of a room. Plus many plants are actually great for cleaning and purifying the air in your home, and are known to reduce stress and bring calm and serenity to your home.
Succulents are great plants to have in the home, especially for those just starting out on their plant journey. They are easy to care for, quite hard to kill and come in a wide abundance of shapes and colours.

Invite a Cow to sit on your Sofa!

Seriously it’s just a great photo!!! Which you can create by adding an unusual painting or print to you living room wall. Look for something bright and different to make you smile or to create a talking point when guests come round. I just love this cow!!!

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