Offset Earth – One Tree Planted for Every Order Placed!

We are so excited to say we have partnered with Offset Earth. As an ethical business, it’s important to us that we do everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

What this means to us as a Business

By working with Offset Earth we pay a monthly fee to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint for ourselves and our employees. We are doing this as we believe it’s important to make Snooty Catz a Climate Positive Workforce.
We have a public profile at Offset Earth where you can keep track of the Snooty Catz forest we are helping to plant. You can find it here –  Snooty Catz Forest This will be updated once a month.

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth

What this means to our Customers

To make our forest grow faster and to have a bigger impact on the environment we will plant one tree for every order placed! This means together we can all make a difference, how good is that!

Offset Earth