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Browse from a range of carefully selected sustainable dog products, keeping your pooches healthy, care-free and active whilst caring for the environment.

Shop from health care products, puppy beginner packs, ethical toys, skincare and treats from ethically sourced manufacturers with care for the planet.

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  • Skin Care for Dogs

    Skin Care for Dogs (12)

    Discover Snooty Catz range of skin care for dogs, helping to keep your pooches coat clean and silky. Giving them the healthcare boost they need, including natural wonder balm, herbal medicines, healthy treats and so much more. All our products are ethically sourced and designed to look after your dogs as well as the environment
  • Puppy Products

    Puppy Products (16)

    Discover a collection of eco friendly puppy products to help your pup with their first steps Including training treats, pet bowls, toys and so much more to make your puppy feel at home. All products are ethically sourced and designed to care for your puppies as well as the environment
  • Natural Dog Toys

    Natural Dog Toys (17)

    Discover a range of natural dog toys for your pooches to enjoy at Snooty Catz. All ethically made with either natural or recycled plastics. Choose from pulleys, tug toys and chew sticks so your dogs can enjoy their playtime.
  • Natural Dog Calming Products

    Natural Dog Calming Products (6)

    Discover a range of natural dog calming products carefully selected by the snooty catz team to ensure your pet pooch can be anxiety free and carefree. Including, herbal tablets, hemp treats and calming tinctures.
  • Healthy Dog Treats

    Healthy Dog Treats (16)

    Discover a range of healthy dog treats for your pooches, including calming dog treats, training treats, treats for pups and for older dogs to care for your dog naturally and cruelty free.
  • Dog Health Care

    Dog Health Care (37)

    Discover a range of dog health care products to naturally support your dogs, helping your pets live a longer and healthier life. Including ear cleaners, eye creams and digestive health. Snooty Catz is an ethical business, and deeply cares about the environment. So each order is sent in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging. We have also partnered with Ecologi and will plant one tree for every order placed.
  • Digestive Health for Dogs

    Digestive Health for Dogs (13)

    Discover Snooty Catz range of digestive health for dogs so they can stay healthy for longer with our natural products including, prebiotics and multivitamins.
  • Dental Care for Dogs

    Dental Care for Dogs (14)

    Discover Snooty Catz range of dental care for dogs, supporting your pooches to stay healthy and prevent tooth decay. Including Dorwest toothpaste, chew treats and eco-friendly plaque powder so no more bad breath or tooth decay!
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