Makeup brushes always make the perfect gift. So why not choose the vegan option?

Makeup brushes are a must have for any makeup bag, and vegan makeup brushes are a great gift for that eco-conscious makeup lover. Many makeup brushes are made from animal hair which is porous and absorbs makeup, not great when it comes to bacteria!

Unsure about how to clean your natural makeup brushes? Find our guidelines below.

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  • Flawless Bamboo Blending BrushFlawless Bamboo Blending Brush
  • Flawless Classic Foundation BrushFlawless Classic Foundation Brush
  • Flawless Contour Blending BrushFlawless Contour Blending Brush
  • Flawless Powder/Blusher BrushFlawless Powder/Blusher Brush

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