Natural Makeup

Discover our eco friendly range of vegan makeup made with natural, cruelty free, and non toxic ingredients. All of our natural eco, vegan, makeup products are supplied in zero waste, plastic free packaging.

Shop natural, refillable, vegan makeup including mineral makeup and vegan makeup brushes ethically made with you and the planet in mind.

  • Powders

    Powders (4)

    Finish off your face makeup with a vegan face powder! Shop between our concealer and perfecting powders for that desired makeup look. Perfect for the eco-conscious consumer, this product is packaged and sent plastic-free.
  • Lip Balms

    Lip Balms (14)

    How often do you end your skincare routine with a moisturising vegan lip balm? Your lips need replenishing and looking after, just like the rest of your face. So why not treat yourself, or a friend to one of these vegan friendly, cruelty-free lip balms. Shop the range of beautifully scented and insanely nourishing lip balms, that are all SLS and paraben-free.
  • Foundations

    Foundations (16)

    Not sure which vegan mineral foundation shade is right for you? Vegan mineral foundation comes in different shades, some with the option of a handy small sample pack for you to try before you commit to a shade. Switching to mineral foundation has lots of benefits for your skin, as it contains zinc oxide which is a natural antibacterial, and great for skin that is prone to breakouts. This natural makeup is great on all skin types and ages too.
  • Eyeshadows

    Eyeshadows (5)

    A little goes a long way with vegan eyeshadow! What colour will you be choosing? These vegan eyeshadows are the perfect addition to your makeup bags. Made in the UK, and are wonderfully cruelty-free. Packaged in plastic-free tins, you’ll feel great knowing that your makeup is coming from an eco-conscious brand.  It gets even better, as we plant one tree for every order placed!
  • Brushes

    Brushes (4)

    Makeup brushes always make the perfect gift. So why not choose the vegan option? Makeup brushes are a must have for any makeup bag, and vegan makeup brushes are a great gift for that eco-conscious makeup lover. Many makeup brushes are made from animal hair which is porous and absorbs makeup, not great when it comes to bacteria! Unsure about how to clean your natural makeup brushes? Find our guidelines below.
  • Blushers

    Blushers (2)

    Bring some colour to your make-up with this natural vegan blusher. This blusher works so well not only as a blusher, but also as an eyeshadow or mixed with clear lip gloss. Perfect for the eco-conscious consumer, this product is packaged in a plastic-free recyclable tin.
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