Mum & Baby

Care for your new baby, and care for the new mum.

Here you will find a collection of new mum essentials, all ready to help care for your exciting new arrival.

Here at Snooty Catz, it’s not just about caring for your baby, but mum needs looking after too. That’s why we have collated all our favourites and essentials designed to make mum and baby feel good.

The products are natural and packaged in plastic-free packaging.

  • Weaning

    Weaning (8)

    Is your baby ready to start eating with their own bowl and spoon? Snooty Catz provides the eco-conscious parent with reassurance their child is safe with ethically made, food-safe certified and chemical free weaning bowls and spoons. Your little plate thrower is sure to love mealtimes with our range of baby weaning products made from eco friendly materials and BPA-free silicone.
  • Natural Baby Products

    Natural Baby Products (29)

    Browse our online selection of natural baby products to help your children grow healthily without harming the environment. All ranges are chemical free, vegan and cruelty free, perfect for your newborns. Shop from baby accessories (bamboo toothbrush and bowls) to baby shampoos that are kind on the skin.
  • Muslins

    Muslins (4)

    Looking for that perfect eco-friendly gift for a new mama and baby? This collection of muslin cloths and swaddle cloths make great gifts. Made with naturally sourced products, that are handmade in the UK and are cruelty free and vegan friendly. You can also find our new mum and baby gift set, the ideal gift with lots of vegan friendly products we know the new mum and baby will love.
  • Eco Mum Essentials

    Eco Mum Essentials (38)

    Discover our range of eco mum essentials, perfect for mums to be or new mums, caring for your skin and wellbeing in an eco-friendly way. Choose from natural, chemical-free products including natural supplements, stress free oils or even our carefully created mama and baby gift sets. Take time to look after your body, mind and your babies with the Snooty Catz collections
  • Baby Skincare

    Baby Skincare (14)

    Learning how to care for your baby's skin can be quite overwhelming. Here at Snooty Catz, we have provided you with our favourite natural baby skincare brands and products, designed with babies sensitive skin in mind. From bath foams to nappy cream and sun cream, we’ve got you and your little one covered. Children's skin is extremely sensitive and requires a lot of protection. These products are made from natural ingredients, designed to help soothe and protect their skin. They are also packaged in plastic-free packaging, and we plant one tree for every order placed. There's a lot of good happening over here!
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