Nowadays, increasing numbers of us are starting to understand the profoundly negative impact that humans are having on the Earth and are looking for more ways to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. We don’t want the planet to suffer at our hands! We want our daily choices to leave as small a footprint as possible, or ideally, no footprint at all!

When you begin this journey, chances are, you’ll be astounded by the amount of small things you need to change to start living a little greener. Remembering to take reusable bags on every shopping trip. Reducing the number of trips you take in your car. Recycling as much of your waste as you can. Switching to a green energy provider or maybe even beginning to generate your own energy. But these steps quickly become routine.

Now, one area you might not have thought of tackling is fragrancing your home. Most people tend to reach for aerosols, but these can contribute to excess air pollution. Instead, why not consider some of the environmentally friendly home fragrances we offer? Popular options include fragrance oils, reed diffusers, soy wax melts and more. You can also find a range of eco-friendly odour neutralisers, in the forms of both blocks and sprays.

Not only are all of these alternatives effective, but they’re much better for the planet that we all need to show a little more TLC.

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