How To Use Candles Outdoors


The longest winter finally seems to be dissipating but don’t put away those candles just yet. There are so many ways you can still use candles in your garden other than limiting them to feeling cosy on cold and dark winter evenings.

Candles create an atmosphere and feeling you can’t create using anything else. They create warmth and relaxation long after the sun has gone down so you can make the absolute most of the summer weather and outdoor dinner parties.

How can you use candles outdoors?

– Create a candle centerpiece

Create a candle centerpiece on your table with a large focal point by placing candles in birdcages and scattering tea lights and flowerheads around the outside. You could also lay down some battery operated or solar fairy lights between the candles for extra light and ambiance.

– Feeling Tropical?

What is more tropical than bright colours and pineapples?

Use geometric table candelabras and fuschia dinner candles, gold pineapple candles and some palm leaves for ultimate tropical vibes.

– Line the pathways

Lining your pathways with candles is not only practical (it may prevent tripping or falling accidents) it also looks beautiful.

Use tiki torches spaced equal distances apart or for something less extravagant but equally as pretty, line the pathway with tinned candles.

– DIY lanterns

Old jam jars, tin cans, and mason jars make fantastic lanterns. Suspend them from railings, tree branches, and parasols using wire or chain. If you don’t want to hang them, clustering them together and having them cascading down steps creates a really striking and cost-effective point of interest.

Half fill some of the jars with pebbles or sand too for an added bit of texture.

– Go Simple

If you are more of a one candle wonder type of person, try something scented for the table centre like a prosecco or gin-scented candle or for a talking point try a pyropet or rock hand gesture candle.

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