When trying to live a greener lifestyle, we often forget about our bathroom. Nonetheless, we tend to spend a considerable amount of time there – so, looking at how we can make this aspect of our lives more environmentally friendly is crucial. Undoubtedly, the best way to reduce waste is to mind your habits. Indeed, taking shorter showers, repairing leaks, and using eco-friendly cleaning supplies is at the core of an eco-friendly bathroom. But don’t forget the tips below.

Opt for Cruelty-Free Make-Up

Make-up and beauty products are something that we use every day, yet we don’t focus on as much as we should. The majority of our beauty products tend to have been tested on animals or contain animal-derived products.
Keep in mind that vegan make-up items are not necessary cruelty-free and vice versa. To ensure minimal impact on the environment, ensure your product is both vegan and cruelty-free.

Invest in Plastic-Free Toiletries

Plastic is an eco-warrior’s worst enemy! We all tend to avoid plastic-based products as much as we could, but this nasty material tends to sneak up where we wouldn’t expect it. Swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner for plastic-free products is already an excellent step toward a greener, eco-friendly bathroom, but there’s more.
The majority of our toiletries, creams, scrubs, and lotions are bound to contain plastic or microplastic beads to an extent. If possible, these are even more dangerous for the environment because of their size.

Think Long-Term When Decorating

When examining your bathroom, it is easy to see where fast-fashion and short-term solutions took over. The use of plastic shower curtains, soap dishes, and decorative items might have been normal so far, but it might be time to change.
So, think natural and long term when decorating your bathroom – and don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative materials.