September traditionally is a busy month for birthdays in the UK, according to the office of national statistics September 26th is the most popular birth date of all. This could be down to the Christmas festivities, or the fact parents are planning for their child to be born at the start of the school year. Either way, there’s a whole bunch of people scratching their heads and searching for September birthday gift ideas?

Facts About Those Born in September

  • People born in September fall under the Virgo and Libra star sign
  • The birthstone for September is Sapphire
  • Aster is the birth flower for September
  • The autumn equinox also falls in September

Those born in September are said to be open-minded, tolerant and understanding. They are also perfectionists, very loving and quite sarcastic! This means you need to choose something perfectly thoughtful that’s given in a loving way! Should your gift not meet their standards…never fear due to their tolerant and understanding nature you will probably just receive a sarcastic thank you!
So if you are looking for a perfect, thoughtful, loving gift look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our pick of September birthday gift ideas 🙂