We are living in a time where we are conscious of the world around us. We recycle, we reuse where we can, and we reduce our carbon footprints by getting blisters with walking for miles. And we love it! We like knowing that we are saving the turtles in the oceans by recycling our plastics, and we love being able to say we’re keeping the trees by recycling our paper. It’s rare that you’ll come across anyone in 2019 who steadfastly refuses to take notice of how the planet is doing, and so it would appeal to your friends and family to make the gifts that you hand out this year as close to zero waste as possible.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: but what about the pretty wrapping paper?! Do you know what’s cuter than wrapping paper that – newsflash! – mostly can’t be recycled?! Beeswax wrap! There are so many solutions that you can use for wrapping that you are likely to forget about the gift. So, let’s bring the topic back on point and talk about the zero waste gifts that will rock the world of the eco-lovers in your life.

For The Worker Bee

Have you got a friend or family member always on the go with work? It doesn’t leave much time to buy lunch, so why not gift a tin lunch box and some super cute reusable sandwich bags? Tin is longer-lasting and keeps the food fresh, while the sandwich bags are eco-friendly and save them from dumping plastic wrap in the bins every day!

For The Coffee Connoisseur

Wasting money every day at the best coffee shop in town is one thing, but wasting paper by forgetting to recycle the coffee cup is another. Instead, gifting a reusable coffee cup is going to change the game. Not only will coffee shops happily fill their own personal cup, but they can also bring their coffee from home!

For The Clubbers

A night out on the town with friends? The best possible fun for a group of youngsters who love loud music and fruity drinks. What’s not cool is the constant stream of swizzle straws (those little red or black ones added to drinks!). Bringing out reusable steel straws that collapse down can be the best way to start a brand new midnight trend!

For The Nature Lovers

Long walks in the woods and forest are fun (for some), and those who do know how important it is to be well-equipped. In the same way, a reusable coffee cup can transform the Starbucks experience, a water bottle that is made from eco-friendly glass and supplied with a metal lid can be a thoughtful gift for someone who spends a lot of time trying to walk vertically!

For Everyone In Your Life

Ditch the material gifts and embrace experiences over gifts that come with plastic wrap, plastic packaging, and non-recyclable metal ties. Vow to buy your loved one’s movie theatre tickets and concert tickets. The least packaging possible equals the gifts with the least waste.

Going waste-free doesn’t have to mean boring. It says you’re more mindful and you’re thoughtful with your gift-giving.