The season of giving is fast approaching, and many of us are kicking ourselves for not being better prepared. Like many others, you may have a lady in your life who seems to already have everything she could want. Unfortunately, that’s not a good reason to skip over them this year, so it’s time to think outside the box. Here are a few unique gifts that are good for any occasion, here’s our take on the perfect gift for she who has everything.


An aromatherapy starter kit

Get the kind of pampering treatment you expect at a spa in your own home with an aromatherapy starter kit. This kit includes six of the most popular and effective essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender oil, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil. Presented in a lovely mango wood box, these oils can help fight stress, improve sleep, relieve muscle ache, and can help with all kinds of other health issues. Whether you want to lend a helping hand or simply want to give them the tools they need to relax, giving an aromatherapy starter kit is a very heartfelt, caring gesture.


East of India Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here Wooden Plaque

Does the lady in your life love her cats more than you, her friends, and all of her family? We can’t blame her, but we can recommend this plaque. Proudly stating “A Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here”, this is perfect for hanging in the hall, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in the house. What better way to show one’s unabashed love for her feline friends?


Himalayan Salt Lamp

These gorgeous, natural lamps have become all the rage as of late and for good reason. Besides being decidedly unique looking and creating a lovely warm glow that adds to any room, Himalayan Salt Lamps are believed to have positive impacts on both mental and physical health. There are claims that they can help clean the air of the room, freeing it from dust, pollen, and bacteria. The warm glow of the lamp is also useful for treating the increase of negative feelings that can accompany the darker days of the colder months of the year, as well.


Rose & Co No.84 Bath Melts

While you and the lady who has everything may be tempted to eat these cupcake-shaped treats, we recommend throwing them in the bath, instead. There are few things better after a long, stressful day than a nice, hot bath. These bath melts can make them even better with a gorgeous natural scent that can fill the entire bathroom and make you never want to leave. A lovely treat that she will want to keep restocking as soon as she tries them for the first time.


The lady who has everything is about to get even luckier with a gift she couldn’t possibly expect. All the gifts mentioned above can be found on Snooty Catz, so take a closer look at the “Gifts for Her” section to pick them up or see if anything else strikes your inspiration.