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Plastic Free Gift Wrapping Ideas

The world is in the grip of a plastic addiction. Ocean-borne plastics are choking marine life; plastic has been found in the stomachs of sea turtles, and even in our own bodies. Fortunately, many people are committed to reversing this trend. You can take action by reducing your use of plastic in your everyday life. As well as cutting down on your use of single-use disposable items like straws, bags, bottles, and cups. You can also embrace the idea of plastic-free gift wrapping ideas for all of your gift-giving.

Alternative Wrapping Ideas That Don’t Use Plastic

You could definitely consider using a cloth to wrap gifts or make a DIY gift bag by recycling old t-shirts or towels. It can even be a fun project to work on. There’s also the idea of wrapping the present in brown paper and using twine to seal it up for a rustic look. And then you can also consider using old books, magazines, or newspapers as gift wrap by cutting out pages and using them as wrapping paper – especially great for book lovers!

Using Fabric & Paper Gift Bags

There is also the easy option of just using gift bags alone. Look for paper or fabric bags that you can reuse or that you know don’t contain any plastic. You can also jazz them up with tissue paper and fabric ribbon, rather than anything plastic-related. Make your own gift tags from old Christmas or birthday cards and add a splash of greenery to make them look fabulous! You can also add cinnamon sticks, dried fruit or go foraging in your garden for twigs or leaves. The more creative you are more special your gift will be!

Buy Your Plastic-free Wrapping Paper and Supplies

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