Eco Bathroom

Discover from a selection of eco bathroom products to make your bathroom sparkly clean and fresh including natural, plastic-free cleaning products, accessories and shower products.

All products are ethically sourced and vegan friendly

  • Toiletry Bags

    Toiletry Bags (2)

    Looking for the perfect toiletry bag to keep your products together? The eco friendly toiletry bag is the perfect way to keep your makeup and toiletries together, whilst looking stylish and being eco friendly. These eco-friendly toiletry bags are the perfect way to move your products when on holiday!
  • Toilet Bombs

    Toilet Bombs (3)

    Use these natural toilet bombs and leave your loo smelling fabulous. These toilet bombs are a great alternative cleaner for your loo. Made from natural minerals and essential oils that are safe for aquatic life should they end up in our waterways or seas. They work the same as a bath bomb. Drop one into your toilet bowl and watch the water fizz up and release the wonderfully smelling essential oils. These products are supplied in plastic-free packaging!
  • Sponges

    Sponges (5)

    Get ready to cleanse your body with these natural sponges! Snooty Catz have selected only the best natural sponges for you. These vegan friendly sponges are great for giving your body some TLC. All our products are dispatched in plastic-free packaging, and we plant one tree for every order placed.
  • Soap and toothbrush holders

    Soap and toothbrush holders (12)

    Style your bathroom with these plastic free soap and toothbrush holders. These soap and toothbrush holders make great additions to your bathroom. They're the perfect mix of stylish, yet practical designs made from natural materials. By using a wooden soap dish or soap bag you will prolong the life of your soap bar, which in turn will save you money!
  • Natural Soap Bars

    Natural Soap Bars (32)

    Discover our range of natural soaps to cleanse and refresh your skin. Our handmade soaps are SLS, paraben-free, plastic-free and cruelty-free. Shop our range of accessories including face cloths and soap dishes as well as our large range of fragranced soaps, helping you feel fresh and clean. Our soap bars are superb value for money, ethical and environmentally friendly, we use these and we love them all!
  • Natural Shower Products

    Natural Shower Products (13)

    Discover our range of carefully selected plastic-free, natural shower products including herbal shower steamers, bathroom accessories, soap on the rope, and much more. Indulge yourself or gift to someone special with these natural shower products, so you can feel fresh, clean and smelling amazing!
  • Natural Bath Bombs

    Natural Bath Bombs (17)

    Discover a selection of natural bath bombs and fizzers at Snooty Catz including natural bath fizzers, bath bombs, salts and so much more! So you can enjoy some ambiance and indulge in some YOU time, without feeling guilty about the environment.
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