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How to Live Green on a Budget

If the cost of living crisis has suddenly made it harder for you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, you are not alone. Thankfully, with the right strategy in place, living green on a budget is still possible.

Try out the following five solutions and you won’t go far wrong.

Start with home upgrades

Living green on a budget should always start at home. Simple updates like embracing eco-friendly cleaning products or switching to LED lights can make a huge impact. Draft excluders or ideas like leaving the radiators unobstructed will support your cause further. Better still, you won’t need to make big investments.

If you do have some money left over, updates like energy-efficient appliances will help in the long run. Especially with energy bills increasing.

Stop being lazy

If you are guilty of driving the car everywhere, even when it’s to the grocery store that’s just 500 yards away, now is the time to stop. You’ll save petrol money while burning more calories and staying more active. Moreover, it can help you avoid making unnecessary purchases. You can take this one step further with a cycle-to-work scheme.

You can save money and improve your health. Perfect.

Stop using single-use items

Ok, it might not be possible to completely remove the reliance on single-use items. Still, you can certainly make a huge difference to your life by investing in a reusable drinks bottle. Apart from helping to reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic each year, filling up your water bottle (or coffee mug) will help you save money.

Switching to tote bags or other reusable bags instead of carrier bags is useful too.

Buy second-hand

You should never feel pressured into buying exclusively second-hand products. Not least because Snooty Catz can help you find a range of new ethical products at excellent prices. Nonetheless, using second-hand electronics or fashion can help cut your monthly expenses while living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As with most things in life, striking the right balance will be crucial for ongoing success.

Give eco-friendly gifts

We love buying gifts for friends and family, but wasting money on items that end up in landfill is never wise. Giving natural gifts as birthday presents can work wonders. Better still, it helps you spread the green living on a budget lifestyle to others. Spreading the success is truly one of the great successes.

When combined with the efforts in your personal life, the results can be phenomenal.

Our top green gifts for when your on a budget

Make you gifts green by choosing budget friendly gifts that they will love and will also be useful. Our home cleaning gift sets are a great eco alternative for use in the home. If your giftee requires something more personal. Take a look at our eco friendly bath and shower gift sets that are sure to please everyone wanting to indulge without costing the earth.

Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

Wash your pots and clothes with our zero waste kitchen essentials kit made especially for those looking to start their plastic-free journey. We know it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start and with that in mind, we decided these items are the ideal first step to reducing single-use plastic in the kitchen. Our zero waste kitchen essentials starter kit contains high-quality ethically sourced products and is supplied in a cardboard gift box.

What’s in the Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Box?

  • Plastic-free Dish Soap – Bicarbonate 120g
  • Wooden Pot Brush
  • Coconut Fiber Scouring Pad
  • Organic Bamboo Dishcloth – White
  • Organic Bamboo Dishcloth – Green
  • 100g of Soap Nuts

1 of each item supplied in a cardboard gift box

If gift wrappings not your thing we have budget friendly gifts already packed in gift bags in our Green & Ethical range of gift sets.

Zero Waste Bathroom Gift set in Bag

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