Natural flea repellent is becoming an increasingly popular way to deal with those pesky fleas. And with good reason… Your vet will advise using chemical-based treatments to kill fleas on your pet. Let’s consider this, chemical products in flea treatments are a powerful pesticide designed to kill. When using spot-on treatments applied to the neck of your pet the liquid dissipates along the coat and skin killing the fleas. This chemical can stay on your pet for up to a month. It does the job (kills fleas) but at what cost to your pet? Many pets can have side effects such as vomiting, skin disorders, and diarrhoea. Ever wondered why your cat or dog runs for the hills when they see the spot on treatment? Perhaps they are trying to let you know it makes them ill?

Natural flea repellents do not kill fleas they work by making your pet and home an unpleasant place for fleas to reside. They take time to take effect and part of this is due to the life cycle of the flea. Even chemical flea products still need to be used long enough to break this life cycle too. So why use chemicals when you can get the job done naturally?

The Life Cycle of a Flea

Let’s start at the beginning. One flea lands on your pet has a snack and lays a few eggs, between 20 and 50. These eggs then fall off in your garden, your home, and the bed of your pet. They can lie dormant for a few weeks to several months dependant on the environment. Fleas like to be warm so once the temperature goes up or you switch on your heating the eggs then start hatching! Oh no!

The eggs grow into dark seeking larvae they move away from light and bury themselves into materials and crevises. Feeding off the flea dirt left by the adults…Yuck, until they become flea pupae this stage again can last days or months dependant on the conditions. Once the conditions are right they emerge into the blood-sucking monsters we all hate.

So, you see breaking the life cycle takes time, whether you choose natural or chemical products you still have a battle. Most people focus on their pet when they should in fact focus on the home and then their pet. The home contains more fleas, eggs, and larvae which need to be eradicated to stop the cycle altogether.

What are the benefits of using natural flea repellent for your pets?

One of the biggest issues with using chemical flea treatments is that when you use a chemical treatment, you are not necessarily preventing the problem. When you use a natural product, you are able to get into the routine of having a natural prevention to constantly repel fleas. In the long run, this is a more effective approach to preventing fleas when it is done properly.

It is Non-Irritating

Many flea repellent products tend to be irritating for the animal as the chemicals tend to aggravate the skin. When you choose a natural flea repellent for your cat or dog, your pet will experience the benefits of a natural product that will not cause itchy skin or irritation. Many natural flea repellents contain plant-based ingredients that have not been created in a lab. So you can choose a product that gives you peace of mind that it’s come from Planet Earth rather than some laboratory.

It is an Ethical Way to Help Your Pet

It’s important that a natural flea repellent doesn’t just help your pets, but it should be a little way to help the planet. We all have concerns about our pets, but we must remember that when we use a natural flea repellent made from natural products, this will be a great way to exercise a more ethical approach.

They Smell Amazing

Natural products have a different scent to them than fake synthesized products. A product that comes from natural essential oils will always smell more pleasant. And when you are using a product with chemical-free ingredients, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are using natural ingredients that are going to enhance your pet’s life, as well as choose something that can help you be more ethical.

Essential Oils that Repel Fleas

Look to the power of nature for a natural flea repellent by choosing essential oils. We always recommend you check first that the essential oil is suitable for your pet. Not all oils are equal and some oils may be acceptable for dogs but are not suitable for cats. Always dilute essential oils with a base oil. This is true for both people and pets you should never use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin.

Lavender Oil

The scent of lavender oil is thought to naturally repel fleas and ticks. Lavender is a soothing essential oil and is also known for its antiseptic properties.

Lemongrass Oil

I absolutely love the fresh citrus scent of lemongrass and the good news is fleas can’t stand the scent. I also mix a few drops in water and mop my floors to naturally repel fleas and it leaves your house smelling fabulous.

Clove essential oil

Clove is a strong potent oil and a little goes a long way. A very useful oil with antimicrobial properties, never apply directly to the skin. However, you can add a few drops to your washing machine when washing your pet’s bedding.

Neem oil

Used for centuries to help pets repel various bugs like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. It has very strong moisturizing capabilities which help in soothing and relieving pets from itchy skin.

How to Use Essential oils as a Natural Flea Repellent

There are many effective ways you can use essential oils to repel fleas naturally. Always proceed carefully, check they are safe to use and never force something on your pet if they object to the scent.

Mix with Shampoo

Add a few drops to your existing shampoo to help naturally repel fleas whilst bathing your dog.

Use a Diffuser

The use of a diffuser is a great way of spreading essentials oils around the home and naturally repel fleas. Just make sure the oil you choose is safe for your pet and allow them the option of leaving the room if they don’t like the scent. Lavender or Lemongrass are great for this and your home will smell fabulous too!

In the home

As you now know from the life cycle of the flea, they spend more time in your home than they do on your pet. Use a mixture of water and essential oils to mop hard surfaces. For soft furnishings, you can dilute essential oils with water and spray this on fabric to help repel fleas.

If you are unsure of how to use essential oils safely we fully recommend All Natural Pet Flea Away. Made with natural ingredients of Quassia Bark, Sage, Cyder Vinegar containing essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass, and Anti-Parasitic 12x.

All Natural Pet Flea Away

Flea Away is handmade in the UK using natural ingredients to naturally combat flea and tick problems. A fabulous alternative to chemical flea and tick products and is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits from 3 weeks of age. It is also more economical as 100ml is more than enough for one pet per year when used weekly.

How to use

  • Apply a few drops up to a pipette 0.8ml to the back of the neck/back weekly
  • If using on small /sensitive pets advice is to dilute 50/50 and spray on the back area.
  • If fleas present Dilute 50/50 and spray along the back area daily for about 7 days and then go back to weekly.
  • You can also dilute 50/50 to do house, bedding, carpet, skirting boards, etc.
  • Can also be added to the animal’s shampoo.
  • A patch test for sensitivity is advised

It’s important to choose a natural flea repellent, and whether you are looking to be more ethical, or you are trying to avoid chemicals, using natural products can be a very enjoyable experience whilst also tackling the problem of those annoying pesky fleas!