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How to Japandi Style your Kitchen

With its amalgamation of modern Scandinavian style and minimalist Japanese function, Japandi style kitchen design has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the UK. Not least because it integrates perfectly with ethical living.

So, how can you create a Japandi style kitchen in your home? Here’s all you need to know.

Neutral colour schemes

Colour schemes set the tone of any living space and your Japandi style kitchen is no different.

A neutral palette of whites, browns, and greys can be accentuated with a little green for a natural vibe. Natural materials for kitchen cabinets and tables will build a strong platform. This can be followed by plants, utensils, and a small number of textured accessories. Just be sure not to overcrowd the space.

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Choose functional worktops

Both Japanese and Scandinavian designs rely on highly functional worktops because they are busy areas while efficiency feeds into the ordered and organised minimalist design.

Stone worktops create a modern sense of grandeur while opting for square sinks featuring extendable spray head taps can work wonders. Metal finishes work perfectly with the Japandi aesthetic. Geometric shapes like square kitchen islands can also be incorporated.

Build a layout with minimalism in mind

Minimalism is central to the Japandi kitchen style and should be embraced at every turn. Open shelving can become a valuable feature that can showcase ethical homewares without overcrowding the space.

If you plan to introduce houseplants, smaller products are better while you should also keep kitchenware stored away rather than on the countertops. Meanwhile, cut out cabinet pulls are a great upgrade.

Wrap up

Japandi kitchen styles are built with simple yet sophisticated styles in mind. Through neutral colour schemes and calculated decisions to make the space work harder, it can be the perfect option for both compact and larger kitchens alike.

Japandi style kitchen accessories

With a focus on Japanese minimalisms and Scandi style living choosing reusable kitchen essentials over throw away items aligns well with Japandi style living. You can also incorporate kitchen products made from natural materials for an all round Japandi kitchen.

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