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Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Uses

Amethyst is a beautiful and most loved crystal which can range from shades of light purple to deep violet. Known as the birthstone for February; amethyst crystal has many meaning and uses from creating calm to emotional healing as well as clarity and wisdom.

What is the Meaning Behind Amethyst Crystal?

Amethyst is associated with heightened spiritual awareness and can be used to open one’s mind to the divine realms. It has been long believed that it can help channel energy from beyond and can improve mental clarity, focus and spiritual growth. According to legend, amethysts also have the ability to protect from negative forces.

How Does the Amethyst Crystal Work?

The amethyst crystal works by stimulating the third eye chakra, which is located in the centre of your forehead. When this area is activated, it can help to increase intuition, creativity and imagination. It is also believed that the amethyst crystal helps to absorb and transform negative energy while raising one’s energetic vibration. Using this crystal during meditation can not only clear your mind but also promote greater self-reflection.

Benefits and Uses of the Amethyst Stone

The amethyst crystal is considered to be a very powerful and protective stone, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to enhance their positive energy. It has been used throughout history as a healing tool, aiding in physical vitality, mental balance, emotional stability and spiritual guidance. Its calming and serene properties are said to help promote peace of mind, clarify thinking and uplift one’s spirit. Additionally its calming properties can help reduce headaches, insomnia and anxiety while promoting positive change.

Natural Gemstone Tree Amethyst 160 Stone

Can you wet Amethyst Stone?

Yes, you can wet and cleanse amethyst stones. It is best to use distilled or purified water so as to not damage or discolour the stone. Some suggest that you also add a few drops of sea salt in the water when cleansing your amethyst stones. Additionally, you can place the stones out in the moonlight overnight once or twice a month to help keep their healing energy strong.

Different Varieties of Amethysts

Amethysts come in many varieties and colours. The most common variety is the deep purple hue, but they can also be found in shades ranging from light lavender to royal purple. Some have streaks of lighter or darker colour, other sparkle with a glitter-like sheen and some are slightly greyish or pinkish in tone. You can also find amethysts in the form of both natural raw or rough crystals and polished stones.

How to Care for Your Amethyst Crystal

To get the most out of your amethyst crystal, make sure to properly care for it. Upon receiving your new crystal, cleanse it under cool running water and dry with a soft cloth. If you feel the need to charge your crystal simply place outside in the light of the moon! You can also use selenite to cleanse and charge your amethyst crystals, simply place it on top of your selenite for at least six hours to remove negative energy.

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