When your immune system reacts to something that wouldn’t normally happen to someone else, it’s called an allergic reaction. Allergies are something that we are all capable of having, and when it comes to pets, some of us can suffer from cat or dog allergies too. With that being said, there are a few natural home remedies that might be able to help your allergies to some degree.

Limit Your Pet’s Access Around The Home

When you live with a pet at home, or you come into regular contact with a dog or cat, it’s worth limiting the pet’s access around the home. When you are going over to someone’s place, then you could always suggest sitting in a room that the pet doesn’t normally go into or even outside if the weather calls for it. If it’s your own home, then try to keep your pet in certain parts of the home instead of letting them roam free throughout. If you’re allowing them to go everywhere, then it’s going to make it hard for you and your allergies to cope.

Clean Regularly

Keeping your home clean is important when you suffer from pet allergies. Your pet is likely to leave behind hair that is going to irritate your skin or body in some way and so to stop it from building up, it’s good to do a regular clean. It’s also worth considering what’s out there in terms of cleaning tools. You want to have the very best that’s going to help lift up all the dander around your home so that it’s as hair-free as possible. It’s also worth considering hardwood flooring as this will help make cleaning up hair a lot easier. With carpets and rugs, it’s more likely to build up.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are plenty of natural remedies out there to get rid of allergies, including herbal tablets. It’s worth looking at the market to see which ones are going to be good for you. You could also consider eye drops if you find that your eyes become quite sore as part of the allergy. It’s good to assess the type of reaction that you have and then to look at what could help relieve those symptoms. Nettle tea is also recommended when it comes to pet allergies because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Wash After Contact

The easiest way of making sure you’re keeping yourself free of dander is by washing yourself after contact. Try to clean your hands regularly if you’re petting your cat or dog and when it comes to where the pet can go, try to limit any close contact where you can end up having a lot of danger going onto your clothes and causing further irritation. The same goes for those occasions where you’re visiting a friend or family who owns a pet. Be vocal about the limited contact and any pet owner should be respectful of that.

Pet allergies aren’t fun to deal with, but these natural remedies should certainly help to relieve some of the symptoms caused by it.