In these modern times, we know the damage that overusing plastic can do to the environment. Social media has recently been full of photos showing mounds of rubbish left on our beaches by people once the sun came out…. a truly shocking and unnecessary act! After all, if you can take your plastic to the beach you can most definitely take it back home with you! It’s clear that if we don’t change our habits the planet will continue to suffer, and our complex ecosystems – that includes human beings – will be destroyed beyond repair. With that in mind here are some easy ways you can go plastic-free on day trips.

Use Shopping Bags

Even those who are not so interested in reducing their plastic usage now have reusable bags for their supermarket shopping. These can be branded reusable plastic ones or a more stylish fabric type. If you go to the shops on a day trip you don’t want to be caught without a bag and have to pay 5p for a throwaway one. It’s important you remember your reusable shopping bag. Make it easier to remember by buying a stylish one of your choice specifically for the purpose of day trips. Then keep it somewhere with other things you will need in the day.

Reusable Mugs

Have you been on a city break or a long car journey and fancied a coffee? You find a local Starbucks and order your favourite drink, you enjoy it but have a niggling feeling that it perhaps wasn’t worth the plastic waste it came with. Luckily, there are a growing number of solutions to this issue. Major coffee chains such as Starbucks offer a reusable cup that you can buy instead. This is the equivalent of buying a shopping bag at the supermarket. As with shopping bags, the best solution for reusable mugs is to buy your own and try not to forget it on your day trip.

Buy Local

Another solution to the coffee-on-the-go issue is to find a local coffee shop – not one of the predictable chains – and have a sit in. This has a number of benefits. Firstly there will be zero plastic waste, that’s assuming you don’t buy a Frappuccino with a plastic straw. Furthermore, you will get to experience a little bit of the local colour. Sitting down in a place you’ve never been in before is a lot more inspiring than frequently a coffee shop you see every day. On top of this, you will be contributing to the local economy instead of a multinational company with questionable ethics. Small local shops rely on people like you to use their services.

Bring A Water Purifier

On your day trip, you don’t want to fall into the trap of needing to buy plastic bottles of water. While these bottles can be recycled most of the time they aren’t and contribute to a huge mass of plastic waste in landfill sites and in the oceans. Don’t be part of the problem but buying these bottles, be part of the solution. A water purifying bottle is made from plastic usually but it should be reusable for a number of years. In the top is a charcoal filter that catches a large percentage of impurities in local water. This means you can confidently fill it up wherever you are, get refreshed for free and without contributing to environmental damage.

Vegan Wax Lunch Pouches

One of the best ways to go plastic-free on day trips is to eliminate plastic completely! Take your sandwiches in one of our reusable wax pouches handmade in the UK from unbleached calico. They are extremely easy to use, simply fill your pouch fold down the top, and use the heat of your hands to secure. They are available in different sizes and we also have one you can pop dog treats in to keep them nice and fresh

Deluxe Bamboo Lunchbox

Our deluxe bamboo lunchboxes are beautifully made for an eco-stylish look and will most definitely help you to go plastic-free on day trips. The sustainable wooden bamboo lid uses an airtight silicone seal to keep food fresh, whilst the textile band helps keep it secure.