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How to Decorate your Home Ethically

Want to know how to decorate your home ethically? It’s a lot easier than you think! Choosing decorative items for your home is now a lot cheaper and easier to source. This can be attributed to the rise in the conscious consumers, making eco choices more readily available. The trick is to look at how your buying choices can impact on the earth. There are many ways you can have a beautiful home, without compromising on ethics. The main thing is to have a home where you are happy and healthy.

Ethical Choices to Consider

  • Buy local and sustainable where possible, many handmade items are ethically made.
  • Choose Fair Trade so you know no one has been exploited in the making of your item.
  • Opt for Natural Materials
  • Have a go at upcycling what you already have.
  • Purchase second hand or vintage items – everything deserves a second chance!

Buy Local

When you shop local, you not only help support your local community you can also reduce your carbon footprint. Many imported homewares can clock up thousands of air miles just to land on your doorstep. Shopping local can turn up some real gems of small businesses that offer more ethical and eco-friendly goods. You might also find something that’s truly unique and a fabulous statement piece for your home.

Fair Trade

If you can’t shop local always choose fair trade products. This way you know they have been made ethically and the person that made them has been paid a fair wage. You can find some amazing artisan products that will surely add a quirky twist to your home decor!

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Choose Natural Materials

By choosing natural materials to decorate your home that are ethically made over man-made products you are helping the environment to recover. Natural materials tend to require less processing which means less waste, electricity and fewer chemicals. Plus at the end of their life cycle, natural materials can decompose naturally, which causes less harm to the environment.

Look Out for

  • Eco-friendly textiles – Jute, Hemp, Linen, Cotton, Wool, Bamboo
  • Sustainable stone
  • Recycled timbers, Cork or wood sustainably sourced
  • Recycled Metals

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You don’t have to be a talented craft maker to upcycle items in your home. It would be great if we could all re-upholster furniture….unfortunately, that’s way out of my abilities. Having said that upcycling can simply mean reusing an empty class jar to store other items in. You can even use old glass jars as vases to display some pretty flowers. There are no limits to what can be upcycled, let your imagination run wild!!!

Vintage and Second Hand

The saying ‘one man’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure’ is so true! There are some wonderful finds to be had you just need to go on a treasure hunt at your local charity shop or car boot. You will often find vintage items have been well made to stand the test of time. Plus you will be adding to the circular economy and not the throwaway society!

As you can see there are many ways you can decorate your home ethically! Let us know what your best ethical swops have been.

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