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Everyday Eco-friendly Kitchen Swaps

Our kitchens are one of the largest culprits in our homes for unnecessary single-use plastic. Making a few small eco-friendly kitchen swaps can make a big difference to combating plastic pollution. In fact, many eco-friendly products can save you money and also free up room in your cupboards!

When grocery shopping choose loose fruit and vegetable over-packaged produce. Bulk buying is also more eco-friendly and can save you money. With the rise of zero waste food shops, it’s becoming easier to shop and buy sustainable products. Farmers markets are also a fantastic way of buying local produce that doesn’t come packaged in plastic!

Our Top Tips for Eco-friendly Kitchen Swaps

Don’t throw out perfectly good kitchen gadgets, food or cleaning products in your quest to be plastic-free. Only replace these for more earth-conscious items when you have used them up or the items are no longer usable.
Make the changes gradually…its not a race, although eco products can be addictive!
Start with products you feel comfortable using, once you are happy with these make another swap.

Our favourite Eco-friendly Kitchen Swaps

Wash your pots the eco way!

Who says washing up has to be boring?

Bring eco-friendly washing up to your kitchen today with our great range of products, sure to make your washing up experience more enjoyable.

Choose from a great selection of super soft bamboo dishcloths, dish soap from natural ingredients, and wooden dish scrubs.

Plastic free washing up

Plastic free Laundry

Organic Indian soap nuts that are perfect for all types of cleaning, from washing your clothes to washing your hair and body. In fact, they can be used as  shampoos, clothing detergents, body washes, and dish soap. Soap nuts are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to chemical detergents.

Laundry & Soap Nuts

Looking for more eco-kitchen inspiration browse our range today!

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