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Discover a selection of carefully crafted eco kitchen products and accessories from plastic-free cleaning products to eco utensils and storage containers. All products are thoughtfully designed to care for the environment whilst adding some style to your kitchen.

Snooty Catz products are ethically sourced and vegan friendly

  • Wax wraps and bags

    Wax wraps and bags (9)

    Tired of using plastic bags to carry your loose fruit and vegetables from the supermarket? Why not turn your shopping eco-friendly by switching to reusable shopping bags and wax wraps. Never forget your shopping bags again, with these easy to fold and carry reusable bags. Keep your produce safe with reusable wax wraps, designed to mould the food using the warmth of your hands alone. You’ll be continuing the eco trail as these Snooty Catz products are packaged plastic-free, and we plant one tree for every order placed.
  • Washing Up

    Washing Up (24)

    Who says washing up has to be boring? Bring eco-friendly washing up to your kitchen today with our great range of products, sure to make your washing up experience more enjoyable. Choose from a great selection of super soft bamboo dishcloths, dish soap from natural ingredients, and wooden dish scrubs. Snooty Catz will send these products in plastic-free packaging, and plant one tree for every order placed.
  • Utensils

    Utensils (9)

    Spruce up your kitchen with these great natural cooking utensils. Made using natural materials, give your kitchen utensils a stylish makeover. Why not swap out your boring cutlery with a bamboo alternative? Snooty Catz continues the eco-friendly trail as these products are packaged plastic-free, and we plant one tree for every order placed.
  • Straws

    Straws (5)

    The world is moving into an eco-friendly mindset, and plastic free straws are here to stay. We’ve seen an increase in restaurants opting to use plastic free straws, so why not choose plastic free straws in your home. These will be great when hosting family BBQs in the summer, or drinking with your fruit smoothies. We know you’ll love these plastic free straws as much as we do.
  • Plates & Bowls

    Plates & Bowls (1)

    Jazz up your bowl selection with a new eco-friendly coconut bowl! These coconut bowls are handpicked by Vietnam farmers who make a living from coconut harvesting. A lot of time and effort goes into polishing and treating these coconut bowls, using all natural materials like coconut oil. The perfect vegan and cruelty free addition to your kitchen.
  • Lunchboxes

    Lunchboxes (7)

    Has your lunchbox seen better days? Are you looking to change up your lunch time? Browse the Snooty Catz collection of eco friendly lunchboxes, and be the talking point of the lunchroom. We stock a great variety of bamboo boxes, plant sugar storage, and vegan wax lunch pouches.
  • Laundry & Soap Nuts

    Laundry & Soap Nuts (6)

    Browse our range of natural eco friendly laundry products including our organic Indian soap nuts that are perfect for all types of cleaning, from washing your clothes to washing your hair and body. In fact, they can be used as  shampoos, clothing detergents, body washes, and dish soap. Soap nuts are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to chemical detergents. Buy organic India soap nuts in 100g, 500g and 1kg from our shop! Find out more about the power and eco qualities of soap nuts in our blog.
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning

    Eco Friendly Cleaning (47)

    Discover eco friendly cleaning at Snooty Catz, choose from natural and plastic-free products to make your home sparkly clean including reusable sponges, herbal toilet bombs and so much more! All of our products are ethically sourced, plastic-free and vegan friendly
  • Cups Bottles & Glasses

    Cups Bottles & Glasses (10)

    How often do you purchase single use plastic bottles and cups? Make the change today with one of these plastic free cups and bottles, great for on the go travel. Shop the range of colourful stainless steel bottles, bamboo drinking cups, and rice husk travel cups.
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