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How to Rewild your Garden

You don’t need to have green fingers to rewild your garden with nature in mind. In fact, the less you do in your garden the better for nature the result can be. For most of us, we rush through life making sure everything is spick and span and neat and tidy. Whereas with nature sometimes you need to slow down and even stop…..where your garden and helping nature is concerned. A little mess and clutter can be a good thing!

If you want to help our wonderful UK birds, bees, butterflies, and pollinators the best course of action you can take is to rewild your garden. Plus spending time in your garden is good for your health and it’s something you can enjoy all year round. You don’t need to spend a fortune to bring wildlife into your garden, just a little time and a bit of hard work will do the trick.

How do you rewild your garden?

Rewilding your garden can be as simple as not using pesticides and leaving an area of your garden completely untouched. Let the leaves stay in a pile for hedgehogs and insects to dwell through the winter months.

Allow plants to grow as well as weeds such as dandelions and nettles, which are actually good for pollinators to thrive on. You can also plant wildflower plants that are native to the UK and will help to feed birds, bees, and butterflies!

7 easy ways you can rewild your garden

Gardening for wildlife is becoming more popular in recent years partly due to the increase of awareness of climate change. You don’t need a massive garden to rewild an area a small garden is just as good to help nature survive. Even if you have a concrete jungle you can add wildflower seeds to plant pots to create a little haven patch for wildlife to enjoy.

  1. Stop using pesticides and herbicides they simply are not good for nature!
  2. Leave a messy area! Nature lives in fallen leaves, grass cuttings, and fallen branches. If you look at a compost heap you will be amazed at the number of insects that love to reside there. It’s not just a home to worms!
  3. Plant mixed hedges instead of putting up wooden panels, native hedges are great for birds and hedgehogs to root and live.
  4. Embrace no mow May and let your lawn grow and watch all the buzzy insects enjoy the clover, dandelions, and daisies.
  5. Leave a corner of your garden for the grass and wildflowers to flourish untouched all year round. Try not to prune plants back in autumn leave them until new growth starts in spring. This way birds can feed off them through the winter months.
  6. Creating a safe wildlife pond is one of the greatest ways to encourage all wildlife into your garden. If you don’t have room a bird bath is another way you can go.
  7. Build a home for birds, bees, bats or hedgehogs just make sure they are in a safe location to attract the right occupants.

How to Rewild your Garden

Feeding wildlife in your garden

You may want to hang bird feeders in your garden or throw out scraps of food. However, planting the right plants can help to feed nature all year round. Select plants that are sources of berries, seeds, and nectar that will flourish all year to provide a natural food source for wildlife. This is a great way to encourage birds, insects, and small mammals into your garden.

Rewild your front garden

Most front gardens are paved or concreted to accommodate cars with very little consideration for wildlife. Try thinking outside the box, add a few planters, and grow some wildflowers. Create a small rock sculpture in a corner by placing random stones to create an area where nocturnal insects can shelter themselves throughout the day.

If you don’t have stones place a few logs to attract insects, beetles especially love to reside in dead wood. You don’t need to go big any small change you can make to your front garden will help make a difference. After all, you don’t need a huge amount of space to attract nature into your garden.

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