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Plastic free Skincare: That’s Made in the UK

At Snooty Catz, we pride ourselves on providing ethical and plastic-free skincare that’s made in the UK. By selecting natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare you are choosing products that are good for you and the planet. In today’s world, there’s been a growing awareness about the threats faced by the natural world. And the great importance of safeguarding it and finding new and more ecologically friendly ways of doing things. At the same time, there’s also been a growing awareness about the potential negative health implications of many of the additives found in a range of conventional skincare products.

Is Plastic Free Skincare the Way to go?

Plastic compounds found in skincare products have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, and with negative hormonal effects, amongst other things. And even as one type of plastic compound is phased out, there’s no guarantee that another will prove to be much better over the long term.

Simultaneously, plastic packaging and waste are known to have devastating effects on the natural world. We are seeing evidence that it frequently finds its way into the ocean and other bodies of water. It is also found in soil, where it degrades into “microplastics” that can be extremely harmful to creatures and living organisms that it comes into contact with. We believe plastic free skincare is an important way to go if you are looking for healthy options.

What are Microbeads?

Microbeads are tiny solid plastic particles, measuring 1mm in diameter or less. Microbeads are made of polyethylene, polylactic acid (PLA), polypropylene, polystyrene, or polyethylene terephthalate. They are added to many products and are used as fillers to bulk out products or to give exfoliating properties. Microbeads are added not only to skincare products but also to cosmetics and cleaning products.

As microbeads have become a recognized environmental problem the UK government has banned the manufacture of rinse-off products containing microbeads. Leave on formulas that include sunscreens and make-up can still be made using microbeads. The question remains, why would you want to add plastic to skincare products when there are so many natural alternatives?

Plastic Free Skincare that’s Made in the UK

At Snooty Catz we stock a fabulous plastic free skincare range that’s designed and made by small independent businesses. We fully believe this is better for people and the planet and we check all products to ensure this. Small businesses work hard to offer ethical products that literally tick all the right boxes. In addition to stocking high-quality cruelty-free, vegan, and plastic-free products, we also commit to planting one tree for every order placed. What’s more, our products are delivered to you in biodegradable or recycled packaging at low and reasonable prices. With that said let’s have a look at some of our favs from our natural vegan Skincare range.

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil 50ml

Betty Hula secret wonder oil is 100% natural and made with high-quality ingredients and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. The Secret Wonder Oil helps repair damaged cells, combat dryness, banish wrinkles and promote radiance. Whether it’s delicately applied to your face or used on specific areas of your body, it’s a must-have multi-purpose product. Betty Hula wonder oil has a sophisticated floral scent, this oil is a true natural wonder which boosts the skin’s natural moisture barrier to leave skin super-soft.

Features of Betty Hula Wonder Oil

  • Blending 100% pure ingredients carefully chosen for their nourishing properties.
  • Betty Hula Wonder Oil includes healing Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil and Vitamin E
  • Ethically sourced and chemical-free, Betty Hula’s Wonder Oil is suitable for all skin types.
  • With a sophisticated floral scent, this oil is a true natural wonder which boosts skin’s natural moisture barrier to leave skin super-soft
  • Packaged in a quirky vintage glass bottle.
  • Free from parabens and SLS
  • Not tested on animal
  • Made in UK
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Chemical free skincare with a twist!

FRUU Avocado Almighty Balm

FRUU avocado almighty balm is made in the UK from unloved wonky/surplus fruit ingredients. All-purpose natural balm moisturises dry, cracked lips and skin, sustainably made from upcycled fruit. Blended with organic essential oil, Vegan and cruelty-free supplied in recycled aluminium tube packaging.

Sintra Naturals Body and Face Exfoliating Cubes

Sintra Naturals Body and Face Exfoliating Cubes

Sintra Naturals body and face exfoliating cubes are a zero waste version of the typical face and body scrubs. The bulk of the exfoliation comes from bamboo stem powder which is very mild and rich in natural organic silica and does wonders for your skin.

Bamboo powder is considered a natural dermabrasion without using any harmful tools.

Apricot kernel oil and lemon seed oil for moisturising and anti-inflammation.

Kaolin clay and rhassoul clay are well known for drawing impurities out gently.

Raspberry powder creates the rosy pink colour and is a power source of Vitamin C.

Orange and may chang essential oils give the cubes their fabulous scent.

The hardness from the cubes comes from stearic acid which is a natural derivative from butters and oils like shea and rapeseed oil.

How to use Body and Face Exfoliating Cubes: Just take one or two cubes into the shower or bath and start massaging onto the skin and feel the exfoliation ..these are very mild exfoliating cubes so suitable for all skin types and from face to toe.

Plastic free cleanser that’s mild and gentle

Natural Soothing Cleansing Balm - Chamomile

This soothing, mild and gentle chamomile cleansing balm works wonders to calm your skin and restores hydration. The perfect hot cloth cleanser for removing makeup and cleansing skin. This amazing vegan-friendly skin balm is suitable for all skin types and works wonder for soothing problematic skin conditions. Beautifully presented in a glass jar with a metal lid, that can be recycled or better still repurposed into something new.

Shea butter restores your skin after a hard day under makeup.

Castor Oil has the ability to pull impurities from skin layers

Kaolin clay can combat environmental damage.

Chamomile has fabulous soothing qualities.

How to use; Take a scoop of cleansing balm and warm it between your hands. Warm the balm gently onto your face and neck and massage thoroughly If you are wearing eye make up spend a bit more time massaging the eyes. Gently wipe your face clean with warm cloth or flannel or just warm water.

Browse a selection of our natural skincare products from oils and plastic free moisturisers to natural exfoliating scrubs. Helping to reduce the ageing process and let your skin glow naturally.
We stock a fabulous range of ethically sourced face creams, face masks, serums, and eco-friendly cleansing cloths for your everyday natural skincare routine.

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