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Why you Should Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

Look at the ingredients list on the back of virtually any toiletry for cleansing your body, and you’ll find sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It’s in nearly everything, from body washes to toothpaste to shampoo. If it’s in everything it should be good…right? Maybe not…..Let’s delve deeper and see why it’s probably a good idea you should avoid sodium lauryl sulphate?

Manufacturers include it because it acts as a foaming agent. It’s what makes your shampoo turn from a thin goo into a big, foamy cake as you rub it into your scalp – something that makes it feel like you’re giving it a really good clean.

But despite these perks, it’s not always beneficial. In fact, there are some compelling reasons why you might want to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate from your routine entirely. Check them out below:

It Makes the Skin More Vulnerable to Harmful Chemicals

Sodium lauryl sulphate is what scientists call a “penetration enhancer.” It decreases the ability of your skin to resist chemical absorption, allowing other chemicals in the environment to enter the body. And when you live in a highly polluted world (like we do), that’s a problem.

It Gets Into all your Tissues and Organs

Sodium lauryl sulphate doesn’t just stay on the surface of the skin. It also penetrates into all your internal tissues and organs – and can build up over time.

At low levels, most chemicals (even toxic metals like arsenic) are harmless to the body. However, once they get past a certain threshold, they begin causing damage.

Sodium lauryl sulphate bio-accumulates, which means that it continues building up over time in the eyes, brain, liver and heart. Eventually, it gets to the point where it compromises the function of these tissues, putting your health at risk.

Remember, most people come into contact with sodium lauryl sulphate multiple times a day. Whenever you brush your teeth, wash your hair or clean your body, you’re interacting with the chemical (unless you use sodium lauryl sulphate-free products). And that means that they can build up easily over time.

It Can Irritate the Skin

You’d hope that manufacturers would like to avoid putting irritants in skincare products – and many do. But the demand for foaming formulations is so great that most still include sodium lauryl sulphate. It’s what consumers want.

However, most people aren’t aware of the serious downsides. The truth is that sodium lauryl sulphate has been shown to cause skin sensitisation and dermatitis. So anyone living with eczema or psoriasis should avoid it where possible.

It Pollutes the Groundwater

Lastly, there’s evidence that sodium lauryl sulphate not only accumulates in human tissue but in groundwater as well. Research suggests that it can be toxic to fish and can accumulate in their bodies, just as it can in ours.

Some water reports also show that it is also making its way into our drinking water supply. So people are both slathering sodium lauryl sulphate on their bodies AND ingesting it through their mouths whenever they drink unfiltered water.

Natural Soap

Fortunately, you can now buy products that work just as well as sodium lauryl sulphate-containing shampoos and soaps, but don’t contain the ingredient. Therefore if you are looking to avoid sodium lauryl sulphate you can rest assured none of our products contains this chemical 🙂

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