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Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts

Opting to use eco-friendly sustainable gift wrap or alternative gift wrap can be cheaper and kinder to the environment. By using recycled or materials that can be re-used you are also helping reduce landfill. It’s actually a lot easier thank you think, with just a little imagination your gifts can soon look eco-fabulous! With that said let’s have a look at sustainable ways to wrap gifts.

Use What You Have

This option is a great way to recycle gift wrap you have been given on gifts or use up the paper you already have in. Using up pre-used paper that you have stored can save on it going to landfill and save you money. You can do this with gift bags too!

Use Brown Paper

Brown parcel wrapping paper is a more eco-friendly and sustainable gift wrapping option. It may be plain, but this type of wrapping paper can be recycled as well as reused time and time again. You can always jazz it up with twine and flowers or leaves from your garden.

Cloth Gift Wrap

Wrapping items in cloth that can be reused for other things is a great way to remove the need for buying wrapping paper and gift your item more thoughtfully. The fabric can be used for many different household purposes or even for the recipient to give it to someone else in the future. You can use old towels, bedding, clothes, etc., to create cloth gift wrap.

Forgo Accessories

Try drawing a bow and ribbon on your gift wrap as an alternative to using ribbons and bows. Or use flowers from your garden or other foliage to add decoration to the gift wrap instead. How about making cookie decorations to use as name tags and shape them in the initial of the person receiving the gift? This is a fun and unique option to purchase additional gift tags.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

We especially love our Furoshiki gift wrap made from recycled saris they are an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping presents. Each wrap is handmade in Nepal from recycled sari offcuts making each wrap completely unique. Please be aware these products are made using scraps of fabric that would otherwise be wasted.

Recycled Sari Furoshiki Gift Wrap new

Opting to use more sustainable ways to wrap gifts needn’t be hard or boring. It simply requires some ingenuity!

If your all fingers and thumbs when it comes to gift wrapping take a look at our Kraft paper bags ideal for those small fiddly items that are hard to wrap. They can also be reused or recycled making them a more sustainable way for your to wrap your gifts.

East of India Kraft Gift Bag Full Moon

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