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Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas

The festive season is the most magical time of the year, but it is also one that’s burdened by excess and waste. Thankfully, switching to recycled Christmas wrapping paper can help you take a huge stride towards an eco-friendly celebration.

Whether you’re planning to buy eco-friendly gifts or simply cut down on your carbon footprint, this is the perfect place to start. Here at SnootyCatz, we have picked out three ways to achieve stunning results.

Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled Kraft paper is naturally a far more ethical choice than traditional wrapping paper, not least because solutions like this Hedgerow design are more beautiful than the wrapping paper choices you’ll find on the high street. If you want your gift to make a great first impression, this is the ideal solution.

Matching gift tags can take the gift-giving experience to new heights while eco paper tape can be used too. It’s better for the environment and is sure to impress the recipient of your gifts too. What more incentive could you need?

Recycled Gift Bags

Recycled Christmas wrapping paper isn’t the only option available. Ethical gift bags like this East of India Merry Christmas design are ideal. They find the perfect balance between celebrating the festivities and showing social responsibility. It additionally saves you from needing tape.

The plastic-free bags are available in a range of additional designs. As well as the direct benefits of choosing ethical materials, each purchase contributes to the company’s tree-planting initiative.

East of India Kraft Gift Bag - Merry Christmas

Recycled Sari Fabric Wrapping Paper

Fabric instantly stands out over standard wrapping paper as it can easily be reused. Furoshiki fabric gift wrap made from recycled saris isn’t only ethical. It also ensures that every git wrap product you purchase is unique. So, when you want to make a heartfelt gesture to a loved one, this is a great choice.

The Japanese art form will bring something special to the festive season. Besides, it can be quite exciting for you to receive a unique item. The fact that you will cause less impact on the environment is a bonus.

DIY Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas

If you’re in a fix and you need something quick have a root around your home. You can always recycle gift wrap from previous presents. Recycled newspapers also make ideal gift wrapping paper options at Christmas time. You can make them more festive by tying with string and adding some holly from your garden for a Christmas effect!

We hope you found this useful and if you are looking for unique eco friendly stocking fillers that one won’t break the bank or the environment you might enjoy our handy guide.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

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