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How we Reduce Plastic in our Business

In today’s environmentally conscious world, the need to prevent plastic pollution has become more important than ever. As a business, our commitment to reduce plastic goes beyond just being socially responsible; it is an important part of our sustainability journey.

As a responsible and ethical business, we understand the urgency and significance of reducing single use plastic in the workplace. At Snooty Catz we work hard to reduce plastic as this aligns with our core values of promoting a healthier planet and a greener future.

Environmental Impact

Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our environment and ecosystems. Plastic waste contaminates our oceans, rivers, and landscapes, endangering marine life and wildlife. By reducing our plastic usage, we are actively contributing to minimizing plastic waste and its detrimental effects on the environment. And by taking steps to decrease plastic consumption, we can significantly decrease our ecological footprint and play a vital role in protecting our planet.

How we reduce plastic use in our business

  • We reuse and recycle all packaging materials from our suppliers.
  • For printing we only purchase 100% recycled paper
  • Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled or FSC cardboard and we use paper tape to seal them.
  • For printing we use vegetable-based ink and we recycle cartridges.
    We never buy plastic packaging
  • Our packing materials are fully biodegradable.
  • We recycle all plastic and paper products that are used in our work environment.
  • We source products from supply chains that align with our core values.

Snooty catz plastic free packaging

Other ways we support the environment

Our workforce is carbon neutral
We plant trees for each order placed
Our parcels are dispatched using Royal Mail who have the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel.

Are we perfect?

No! We try to be as ethical and environmentally responsible as we can but our focus has always been to provide natural, cruelty free products. However, we still have a few products that are supplied in recyclable plastic bottles as the nature of the product dictates this. We are hopeful that in the future there will be a suitable plastic free alternative for these products.


By actively seeking ways to reduce plastic consumption in our business, we can make a positive impact on the environment. Our commitment to you our lovely customers is that you can always trust that we are working hard to be the best we can. And together we can continue to reduce plastic waste and make the world a green healthier planet for all.

About Snooty Catz

Are you new to Snooty Catz? We are a small UK independent business that loves to live ethically for both ourselves and our pets. This is why we stock a fabulous range of natural wellbeing products for both people and their pets. As well as ethically sourced homewares and eco gifts.

Snooty Catz is an ethical business, and deeply cares about the environment. So each order is sent in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging. We have also partnered with Ecologi and will plant one tree for every order placed. There’s a lot of good happening over here!

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