There are many reasons why you should try using more organic products this September. Reducing chemicals from your life can make you feel healthier. It’s a great way of improving your health and well-being, as well as helping you embrace greener options. There are plenty of great ways you can go organic, including things like growing your own fruit and vegetables. Organic September is a great initiative that will help you to achieve a more healthy way of life, and this is something to keep in mind.

Reasons to go Organic in September

Organic September is a month-long awareness campaign to help raise awareness of the advantages of organic food and how we farm. We are all beginning to see that conventional farming is having a negative impact on our planet. Looking for better sustainable options in farming to combat climate change is surely a positive way to go. By choosing organic products we are all helping to reduce the negative impact conventional farming causes.

Going organic in September comes with so many great advantages, and these are just a few of the reasons you should consider.

It’s Better for the Planet

Organic food is better for the planet, and choosing to go organic is a great way of being able to help care for Mother Earth. The current use of pesticides is also having a negative impact on wildlife. Studies show that wildlife increase by about 50% on organic farmland. This is great news for our native birds, butterflies, and our amazing bees! Organic farming shows how much this kind of approach can really help improve the planet. And this can become part of a greener way of life in general, helping you to look after the planet and yourself too!

It’s Healthier for You

One of the best things about going organic in September is the health benefits that come with it. It is important to take steps that will help you improve your health, and eating better by choosing organic is a great way of doing this. By opting for organic you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. Did you know over 300 pesticides are used in non-organic farming? Who needs all these chemicals. Even more reasons for choosing the right food to put into your body and avoid nasty pesticides, and Organic September is the perfect time to embrace this.

Organic Certified

Organic in the UK means that the food and drinks are certified, and the Soil Association’s Organic logo is what you need to look for if you want to be sure you are choosing organic food. As the UK’s leading organic certification body, they can help you to ensure you are having the best possible organic produce and choosing products that are both healthy and environmentally good.

So Much Choice

One of the best reasons to go organic in September is the great range of options available. It’s easy to view healthy eating as dull and boring. However. there’s such a wealth of choice nowadays that it makes organic food much more appealing. Making use of this diverse range of products to choose from is something that can really go a long way towards improving your health and wellbeing.

There are many things you can do when it comes to improving the way in which you live your life. Going organic in September comes with so many plus points. And this is something that you should be looking to embrace as much as you can. Choosing organic is a great way of living a healthier and greener life for you, our wildlife, and the planet!


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