Our hearts beat blood around our bodies throughout our entire lives, and they are worth taking care of. They are often remarkable powerful organs, and beautiful too, but they do require good living care and self-discipline to take care of in the best possible manner.
Funnily enough, taking care of your heart need not seem like such an intense exercise as you had imagined. With the six following tidbits of advice, your heart will no doubt be in much better shape over the course of your lifetime:

Reduce Your Salt Intake

It’s important to reduce your salt intake because this can reduce your blood pressure. Remember that the maximum daily recommended salt intake is 6 grams for adults, 3 grams for children. It’s easiest to stop using so much salt in your cooking, or using naturally salted foods to help add a little light flavouring to your dish. You can use apps such as MyFitnessPal to track just what macros are in the foods you eat over the course of a day. This can help you calculate your intake.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is quite hard to reduce, because who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? However, sugar can easily lead to increased weight, which can lead to diabetes and heart problems. To reduce your sugar intake, we’d recommend checking the macros in the food you eat. Sometimes, foods can hold much more sugar as carbohydrates that you may not expect. Furthermore, natural sweetener alternatives can be a great way of eating healthier over the course of a day.

Eat Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are often found in oily fish, but they can also be supplemented quite cheaply. Not only are the foods that provide this quite delicious, but they also give you the chance to feel healthier in your body, as your cholesterol levels and inflammation is often reduced this way. If you’re not a fish fan, you can eat nuts, spinach, soya and seeds to gain omega-3 fatty acids.

Reduce Your Smoking & Alcohol Intake

Both smoking and drinking are bad for your health, the former especially. You should seek to quit the first and significantly reduce your intake of alcohol if you hope to care for your heart in the best way. Both of these can put pressure on your heart, smoking removes your ability to supply high-quality oxygen to your bloodstream, while alcohol can lead to damage to the heart itself or high blood pressure.

Lessen Your Stress

Stress can often be a problematic emotion that generates cortisol and raises your blood pressure as you reside in a low-level adrenaline-fuelled state. This isn’t good for you or your body. So, we would recommend meditating, reading, walking in nature, sleeping for at least eight hours a night and staying regular in that schedule, as well as addressing the source of your stress if you can. Long term stress often has the worst results, and so we’d recommend making certain allowances to help you bust stress each day – even if that’s just a quiet walk along the seafront.

Lose Weight!

Finding your BMI (body mass index) through online tools can help you find your ideal weight. Losing weight helps your heart tremendously, as there’s less for you to take care of! It can also reduce how hard your heart has to work in any given context. For this reason, keeping a healthy weight is essential.
With this advice, we hope you can keep your heart as healthy as it can be.


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