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5 Easy Upcycling Plastic Projects

Plastic is an environmental hazard, so we’re always looking for ways to make use of plastic waste, preventing it from clogging up ecosystems. Upcycling your old plastic items is a great place to start. Check out these fabulous upcycling plastic project ideas.

Turn Your Plastic Bottles Into Plant Pots

What are plant pots?

When you think about it, most of them are plastic cylindrical tubs with holes in the bottom.

Wait a second! Plastic cylindrical tubs – that sounds familiar. Oh, yes: that’s a perfect description of a plastic bottle, cut in half.

Making a plant pot is easy. Carefully cut a plastic bottle in half and use the base section for the plant pot. Next, add a few holes to the bottom for the water to drain and fill with your favourite composting material. Finally, add a few indoor or outdoor shrubs: whatever you fancy, and it’ll look fab.

Make A Sprinkler

The plastic and metal sprinklers you buy from the local garden centre are pricey and ultimately, contribute to waste.

But your grass needs watering, so what gives?

It turns out that there’s a solution. And, you guessed it, it involves upcycling a plastic bottle.

Making a sprinkler is easy. Grab your plastic bottle and poke a few holes it in. Then duct tape the neck to the hose, turn it on and voila! You’ve just made your very own home sprinkler.

Make Some Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are easy to make and can incorporate practically any piece of plastic you like, from old milk bottles to buttons.

Hanging bits of plastic debris from your porch might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but do it right, and you can make something rather attractive.

Remember, you don’t have to stick with the original colour of the plastic. A bit of low-VOC paint, and you can make something that looks as if you bought it new.

Make A Bathroom Organiser

If you’ve got any plastic spray bottles with thick sides lying around, then you’ve got just what you need to organise all your bathroom toiletries.

Think about how many of your bathroom toiletries are long and thin and crying out for adequate containers — makeup brushes, cotton swabs, lipstick, tubes of moisturiser, pencils and scissors.

With a bathroom organiser made of an old plastic spray bottle, you can avoid throwing the container away and upcycle it for reuse.

When it comes to bathroom containers, the thicker, the better. You want a relatively sturdy and, hopefully, attractive, box than can accommodate lots of accessories.

Once you’ve cut a container to the desired size, use a hair iron to smooth over any jagged edges.

Construct A Candle Holder From Two Drinks Bottles

Tea light candles are great, but there’s never anywhere to put them.

Or is there?

Take two plastic bottles you’ve finished using and cut off a four-inch section from the neck on both. Then grab your super glue and glue the necks together. You should find that you end up with something that resembles an hourglass. The bottom part is the stand, while the top bit is prime real estate for your tea light.

What’s your favourite way of upcycling plastic waste?

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