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Natural Skin Care for Eco Babies

Given that environmental issues are front-page news almost daily, many parents are looking for ways to raise their babies in an eco-friendly manner. The idea is to cut down on polluting plastics and energy use and conserve the Earth’s resources. Eco baby-rearing decisions include switching to cloth nappies, reusing and recycling toys and clothes. Making bath time shorter and – importantly – natural skin care for eco babies.

What Is Natural Skin Care For Eco Babies?

The vast majority of commercially-available skin care products contain potentially harmful synthetic compounds, including those marketed for babies.

For many parents, this is a worry. They don’t want to slather their children in substances that could potentially damage them.

Fortunately, there’s a range of natural and organic skin care products on the market that genuinely help to reduce the health and environmental impact.

When choosing “natural” products, however, you need to be careful. Philosophically speaking, everything in the world is natural. Chemicals do not have supernatural or outside-of-nature origins. And so marketers will often use the term very loosely to get you to buy. Remember, crude oil is natural. Mineral oil is natural. Even PCBs are natural in the sense that they ultimately come from nature.

When parents think about natural skin care products, they usually have something quite specific in mind – products that won’t harm their children. In other words, they want to avoid synthetic chemicals that don’t occur naturally going into their children’s bodies.

This approach is a good one. And many brands take it seriously, only including ingredients that you could theoretically collect and process yourself.

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However, there is a caveat here too. Just because something is naturally-occurring, doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Hemlock – the herb that killed the great Greek philosopher, Socrates – is natural, but it’s not beneficial. It’s poisonous.

So when looking at the ingredients list of an eco-friendly baby skin care product, be sure to research each of them individually. Even if they come directly from nature (without any industrial processing), they could cause harm.

Is Organic Skin Care Natural?

The word “organic” means that the ingredients that went into making the product met certain regulatory standards. Growers, for instance, cannot apply pesticides or herbicides to skin care items they later label as “organic.” So, in that sense, they are good for the environment.

However, parents should be aware that organic doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire product is natural. Brands can quite easily add natural essential oils to synthetic bases and still label their products “organic.”

Why Choose Natural Skin Care For Babies?

Natural SPF, shampoo, conditioner, and hand sanitiser all offer benefits. For one, they tend to be less irritating. Manufacturers don’t add as many of the chemicals that can cause dermatitis and itching.

They’re also rich in natural moisturisers which help to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Eco babies tend to have fewer rashes as a result.

Natural skin care also protects the natural world. Less industrial processing means that compounds in products break down quickly after they flow out into the sea.

Browse our online selection of natural baby products to help your children grow healthily without harming the environment.

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